This poll just shattered the Left’s America-hating narrative

The radical left-wing of the Democrat Party wants nothing more than the destruction of America and its founding principles.

They’re willing to do anything to ensure their socialist utopia becomes a reality.

But this poll just shattered the Left’s America-hating narrative.

Leftists have long tried to bring America to its knees.

Unfortunately for them, they haven’t been able to pass the most radical parts of their schemes through Congress.

Now they’re playing the long game by infecting government bureaus, corporate offices, and public schools with their divisive anti-American Critical Race Theory.

This Marxist ideology teaches that America is irredeemably racist.

Our country was founded, so they say, entirely for the benefit of white people at the expense of racial minorities.

And the only proper response to such news is to dole out trillions of dollars in reparations and recognize that America is a completely evil country.

The indoctrination has gotten particularly bad in K-12 schools, where many school districts are now requiring even 1st graders to be asked what “whiteness” means to them.

Leftists are hoping they can brainwash enough people necessary to get their socialist plans pushed into law.

Unfortunately, they have made some progress with the younger demographic.

A poll out of Fox News finds that 53% of people under the age of 45 believe America is the best country to live in – a notable drop from 75% in 2015.

But when all voters are tallied, a whopping 7 out of 10 believe America is the greatest country to live in.

And that’s why leftists are so quick to silence any opposition to their ideology.

They know the majority of Americans disagree, so they will get you fired, attack your character, and even physically assault you to make sure you don’t speak up against their radical ideas.

Thankfully, there is hope.

Parents across the nation are standing up to the school districts that teach Critical Race Theory, and some states have even banned the teaching of it.

There’s nothing leftists fear more than freedom-loving Americans standing up to fight for their country.

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