This one ruling may be the most important win for conservatives in years

The past 18 months, Americans have seen their freedoms trampled on by unelected officials and crony politicians with no regard for the consequences.

Many fear there’s no going back – not to the America of old – to the America of just two years ago.

But this one ruling may be the most important win for conservatives and freedom in years.

Millions of Americans acknowledge that the decision to mask up or get a COVID-19 vaccine should be totally up to the individual and with considerations to their families.

The radical Left, on the other hand, wants everyone to fall in line with their heavy-handed demands for everyone to get vaccinated and continue to wear masks even where it doesn’t make sense.

Most concerningly, the draconian leftists have waged all-out war on our youth and children to force them to wear masks and get vaccinated to attend school.

All across the country, kids are now being subjected to COVID-19 procedures that are antithetical to creating an environment for schooling and learning, like dividing desks with plexiglass in the classroom and being forced to wear a mask even in the cafeteria.

But some states and their Governors are giving the anti-liberty Big Government goons a fight, and the most important ruling for freedom may have just come out of the Big Sky State, Montana.

According to reports, the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services is ruling schools demonstrate that they will permit students to attend school maskless for health, moral, and religious concerns.

The Independent Record reports:

State officials Tuesday adopted an emergency rule urging Montana’s public schools to consider parents’ requests for students to opt out of mask mandates, which education officials say is already part of the process.

Issued by the Department of Public Health and Human Services, the rule directs that schools mandating masks in the classroom “should . . . be able to demonstrate they considered parental concerns in adopting the mandate” and that they should allow students to opt out based on “physical, mental, emotional or psychosocial health concerns, as well as on the basis of religious belief, moral conviction or other fundamental right.”

Of course, the Big Government goons with the Montana School Boards Association are upset with the ruling.

They are insisting that it “won’t have any practical impact” on how they proceed with their mask mandates.

But if they continue to force school kids to wear masks despite personal convictions, they are simply asking for a lawsuit.

No one should be requiring kids to be wearing masks in a school learning environment. It should be left up entirely to the family.

And conservatives and liberty-lovers are not going to give up on those ideals while government officials grow fat with power.

That fight starts with parenting our children and raising them up the way we see fit. Not the way some narcissistic suit behind a desk thinks they should be raised.

Especially not when the COVID-19 virus literally does not threaten even half-way healthy minors under the age of eighteen.

Swimming pools have taken more lives of American minors than COVID-19.

America was founded with more emphasis on the individual and the family unit than any other nation in history.

Let’s keep it that way.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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