This one Republican just destroyed Joe Biden’s military takeover scheme

The progressive Left has been working to infect every institution in America with their “woke” agenda.

And Joe Biden is all too happy to do his part.

But this one Republican just destroyed Joe Biden’s military takeover scheme.

Since being inaugurated, Biden has put the armed forces under siege with a flurry of “woke” PC reforms.

He reversed Trump’s policy barring transgender people from becoming soldiers and disciplined Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier for speaking out about the Pentagon showing a video to U.S. military personnel accusing the United States and all white people of being “evil.”

Lohmeier claimed the video “taught that the country was evil, that it was founded in 1619 and not 1776, and that whites are inherently evil.”

Unsurprisingly, Republicans were outraged by this revelation. 

Our military should be focused on fighting our enemies, not demonizing our country and citizens based on the color of their skin.

The annual National Defense Authorization Act could be the perfect way to ensure our soldiers are focused on defending us and not “checking their privilege.”

And Rep. Mike Rogers, a top Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, calling on Congress to act:

“My Republican colleagues and I hear regularly from active duty and retired service members that even holding conservative values is now enough to endanger a service member’s military career.”

“I believe that this is an issue that must be addressed in this year’s NDAA and look forward to working with my Republican colleagues on the committee and any free-speech-minded Democrats interested in joining our cause.”

The NDAA will likely be finished by the fall of this year.

Unfortunately, the “woke” Marxist infiltration will likely continue since any amendments will be dead on arrival in Nancy Pelosi’s democrat-controlled House. 

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