This one report just demolished Black Lives Matter’s plans

Black Lives Matter won’t be happy until they’ve brainwashed every American.

And they’re pushing their radical agenda into every institution across the nation.

But this one report just demolished Black Lives Matter’s plans.

At the core of the BLM movement is the idea that white people have caused all of the problems in America. 

From slavery to poverty, if it weren’t for white people, black people would all be millionaires.

That’s why they are pushing so hard for multi-trillion-dollar reparations bills. 

Unfortunately for them, those bills have stalled out every time they are introduced.

So now they’re playing the long game. 

Instead of rushing to get reparations, they are slowly infiltrating schools, government bureaus, and private businesses with the Marxist Critical Race Theory.

This theory holds that white people are the oppressor in all cases and ought to apologize for their skin color and fork over their wallet. 

They know if they can brainwash a generation of kids in the school system into either hating themselves or hating others because of race, then they can get their trillion-dollar payout.

But the cat is out of the bag.

And a new Rasmussen Reports survey just came out showing their losing the fight over Critical Race Theory.

The “survey said that 43% of voters polled said the teachings would make race relations worse. Just 24% said it would make relations better,” reports The Washington Examiner.

“President Joe Biden’s strongest supporters are most likely to support teaching Critical Race Theory in public schools. Among voters who ‘Strongly Approve’ of Biden’s job performance as president, 52% believe teaching CRT will make race relations better in America. By contrast, among voters who ‘Strongly Disapprove’ of Biden’s performance, 80% think teaching CRT in public schools will make race relations worse,” read the report.

It shouldn’t be a shock that Joe Biden and his socialist supporters are clamoring to divide America and skyrocket handout spending. 

Though Critical Race Theory has made some headway in uber-elite suburbs of major cities, it looks like the majority of Americans are happy to throw it on the trash heap of history.

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