This leading Democrat candidate just slipped up and exposed Democrats’ secret plan for all Americans

    Democrats have made it clear where they stand on the economy.

    That’s why they’ve been pushing programs that strangle small businesses and hurt the middle and working classes.

    Now this leading Democrat candidate just slipped up and exposed Democrats’ secret plan for all Americans.

    Recent moves by the Biden administration and Democrats have made one thing perfectly clear – the destruction of the American economy is not by accident.

    By shutting down oil and gas production, canceling pipelines, raising gas prices, and adhering to socialism, Democrats are finally showing their hand.

    And Americans from all walks of life are paying for it.

    A major part of their plan is so-called “green” environmental measures that are destroying entire industries.

    California has banned gasoline powered cars, with New York following suit.

    More than one Democrat has been caught cheering high gas prices because it will seemingly help usher in the age of electric cars faster.

    And one leading Democrat candidate has even gone so far as to admit they want it to be painful to drive.

    Kirsten Engel, the Democrat nominee for Arizona’s 6th Congressional District – running in one of the nation’s most competitive Congressional races – recently participated on a panel for a group that recommended increasing driving usage fees, as well as tolls.

    And Engel boldly called for taking steps to make “it a pain to drive.”

    “We’re never going to get rid of the car in the driveway, but we can make it a pain to drive,” said Engel.

    Engel’s comments, reported first in April 2009 by the Arizona Daily Star, were made at an event hosted by Arizona Town Hall, a non-profit organization, focused on transportation.

    While her statements may seem shocking to some, the fact is she is merely admitting what the plan is.

    Because it’s all part of the same plan, straight from the socialist guidebook on how to destroy an economy and take over a nation.

    And a big part of that plan is to force Americans to buy inefficient (see: Ford F-150 Lightning’s pathetic towing capacity) and dangerous (see: lithium battery fires) cars.

    Democrats want to make it as difficult as possible for people to drive and travel outside of their own home regions.

    The end result of this will of course be forcing Americans into tighter urban communities where they’re easier to control.

    It will make them more dependent on the federal government for basic needs, while leaving Americans in red states mainly in “flyover country” left out in the cold to fend for themselves.

    All the while leading to a devastated Main Street and calls for the government to step in and “fix” everything.

    This is exactly how the socialists take power.

    Unless more conservative and Republican political leaders step forward and try to stop it, there may be no turning back from the march towards socialism.

    And it will indeed be a painful march for all Americans.

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