This latest move a leading Never-Trumper made left Donald Trump grinning from ear to ear

As President Trump decides whether to run again, he’s still controlling the Republican Party.

Never-Trumpers are becoming more irrelevant even with him out of office.

And this latest move a leading Never-Trumper made left Donald Trump grinning from ear to ear.

The Never-Trump faction of the Republican Party thought President Trump leaving office would put them back in the driver’s seat for control of the party.

With the Biden regime turning into Jimmy Carter’s second term they look more foolish than ever.

Now the fallout begins from their actions to sell out conservatives.

Republican Adam Kinzinger of Illinois is one of the leading Never-Trumpers in the House.

He was one of ten House Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump.

Kinzinger is one of the two Republicans to join Nancy Pelosi’s sham January 6th commission, which is nothing more than a partisan witch hunt.

Now he’s announced his retirement from Congress after his current term is up in a short video.

His video closed with him saying he’s moving on to the next chapter of political career and plugged a new Never-Trump organization.

Democrats who control state government in Illinois sliced and diced the state’s Congressional map to enact a brutal Democrat-favored gerrymander.

Kinzinger’s district was chopped up and made into a strong Democrat-leaning district.

He had the option to carpetbag into one of the remaining Republican districts but the prospects of a crushing primary loss made him throw in the towel on his career.

Despite his frequent appearances on corporate-controlled media to bash Republicans, Illinois Democrats still threw him to the wolves by drawing him into a Democrat district.

He becomes the second Republican to call it quits among the ten who voted to impeach Trump.

Earlier, Ohio Congressman Anthony Gonzalez announced his retirement rather than face a humiliating primary against a Trump-backed challenger.

With President Trump backing challengers against the other impeachment Republicans, Kinzinger could start a trend of Never-Trumpers calling it quits instead of facing the wrath of primary voters.

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