This latest decision by the military could quite possibly make the border crisis worse than it already is

The southern border crisis has reached epic levels as the Biden administration continues to try and downplay it.

Joe Biden has more than 18,000 illegal alien children detained at the border compared to Donald Trump’s mere 2,600 during his presidency.

And this latest decision by the military could quite possibly make the border crisis worse than it already is.

In March alone, more than 170,000 illegal aliens were taken into custody at the southern border, and nearly 19,000 of those apprehended were children.

And so far, the Biden administration has refused to reinstate Trump policies that could help to ease the burden.

If the policies set in place by former President Donald Trump were used, children would return to their home countries instead of being housed in cages.

In many cases, the kids are being held in these cages for longer than the law allows, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the Democrats so long as they don’t use any policy that the Trump administration created.

The Left is hellbent on keeping all things Trump out of the current border crisis, and it is starting to show just what a bad plan that has turned out to be.

In what can only be called another hair-brained idea, the Biden Administration announced that Camp Roberts in California would become the third military installation to house illegal alien children.

A Defense Department official’s statement said in part:

On April 2, the Department of Defense approved a request for assistance from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for facilities and land to temporarily house unaccompanied children at Camp Roberts, California.

This support is being provided on a fully reimbursable basis. DoD only provides this kind of support where it has no impact on military readiness and its ability to conduct its primary missions.”

We refer you to HHS for more detail about the manner in which they will avail themselves of Camp Roberts and the number of children they expect to place there.

It is now being reported that the surge of illegal aliens could last for at least the next seven months.

The Biden administration has made one mistake after another when it comes to immigration policies, and this latest act will only attract more illegals.

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