This item Kamala Harris received from the military only serves to further the talk that she is really the one in charge

From day one, the rumors have swirled that it is only a matter of time until Biden steps down and gives the Presidency’s reins to his VP, Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden continues to allow Harris to take on responsibilities that no other Vice President has ever taken on.

And this item Kamala Harris received from the military only serves to further the talk that she is really the one in charge.

In 1880, Queen Victoria gifted the Resolute Desk to President Rutherford B. Hayes, and it has been used by every President since.

The Resolute Desk was built from the oak timbers of the British Arctic exploration ship the HMS Resolute, weighs a whopping 1,300 pounds, and is the ultimate symbol of power in the world.

Presidents have sat behind the resolute desk for years and made decisions about key pieces of legislation.

The Resolute Desk appears in John F. Kennedy Jr.’s famous picture peeking through the bottom of a desk back in 1963.

And now, the United States Navy has decided to give Vice President Kamala Harris a desk that is being billed as the “equivalent” to the Resolute Desk.

Why the Navy is doing this, no seems to know.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Navy Seabees built a desk for Vice President Kamala Harris made of timber from a historic warship as part of an effort to craft a desk of comparable historical significance to the President’s Resolute desk.

The U.S. Naval Construction Force built the desk using wood from the USS Constitution, the world’s oldest commissioned warship still afloat. The Constitution was first launched in 1797 in Boston as one of the U.S. Navy’s first six frigates.

It would have been unheard of in any other administration for the Vice President to have their own copy of the Resolute Desk, but then again, this administration seems to be very different from the past.

This is the first administration to include the Vice President’s name in the title of internal documents calling it the “Biden-Harris administration.”

This is also the first administration where the Vice President made a large majority of the calls to world leaders instead of the President.

And no one can forget the times Biden has slipped and referred to Harris as “President Harris.”

Many have believed from the beginning that there is a plan in place for Biden to step down and Harris to take over the role of President.

America continues to watch as Biden’s mental faculties deteriorate more and more, so most believe it is only a matter of time before this transition occurs.

Looks like everyone will have to wait to see if Harris takes on her new role as President before the 2024 election.

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