This Hollywood actress made a stunning admission on Fox News that left many shocked

Hollywood is crawling with left-wing extremists.

Finding anyone from the Hollywood elite who isn’t a hypocrite is like finding a needle in a haystack.

But recently, this Hollywood actress made a stunning admission on Fox News that left many shocked.

Rose McGowan has been part of the Hollywood crowd for decades, but most recently, she’s become known as a vocal #MeToo activist.

On Fox News Primetime McGowan didn’t mince words when she attacked the Democrat Party for its hypocrisies.

“I am not here to make people feel bad about their political choices,” McGowan explained to Bruce. “But I am here to say that you might be in a cult too if you don’t know the signs. Democrats, most especially, are in a deep cult that they really don’t know about and aren’t really aware of.”

McGowan was one of the first to shine a spotlight on Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and his penchant for preying on young women.

She also was outspoken on the fact that Bill and Hillary Clinton maintained a close relationship with Weinstein, proving that the Democrat Party’s words about supporting women were nothing more than talking points to win votes.

“I’ve gotten people, you know, on the Left yelling at me like, ‘You go up against Biden, you go up against the Clintons,’” McGowan added. “I’m like, yes, but all of these people had – the Clintons have had a direct hand in helping one of my perpetrators who was one of the most powerful Democratic donors there was, and also their entree into the Hollywood world. And I have been persecuted by them, and I find that I hadn’t even looked through what had been implanted in me.”

In instance after instance, McGowan has proven that she doesn’t just talk the talk, but she also walks the walk when it comes to protecting women and giving a voice to those who have been victims of abuse.

When Tara Reade accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993, the Democrat Party ran for cover. But not McGowan, she stepped up and supported Reade.

McGowan did say she was taking a huge risk by being on Fox News. But in her mind, it was worth it in order to get the truth out to the American people.

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