This group issued a dire warning to socialists and Marxists in America

Socialism and Marxism has been tried over and over, and failed over and over like clockwork.

It seems there’s always people ignorant of history who want to keep giving it another try, insisting that the next time somehow they will get it right.

But this group issued a dire warning to socialists and Marxists in America.

Cuba has been showing life as of late in hope of overthrowing their Marxist dictatorship with protests popping up demanding freedom and liberty like that found in America.

But of course, because this doesn’t fit the Left’s narrative on what socialism and Marxism is like to live under, they’ve been entirely too silent.

True freedom-loving Americans have been voicing their support for the Cuban freedom fighters, including none other than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis himself.

According to reports, protesters have been rallying in front of the White House in support of the Cuban protests.

And the protesters have a critical warning for the radical leftists in America who think giving Cuban Marxism or socialism from the likes of Che Guevara a shot is a good idea.

Breitbart reports:

A man identifying himself as Gianni, a Cuban protester at the White House, waved a Cuban flag emblazoned with an image rejecting Guevara. He told Breitbart News that those who admire Guevara have “the wrong information” and urged them to become better acquainted with his true legacy.

“People think he was great and a revolutionary. What no one tells you is that he used to kill gays in Cuba. His great idea was concentration camps for gays,” Gianni explained. “He used to kill Christians. He used to kill people that didn’t agree with him just because they wanted freedom and they didn’t want to be communist.”

The protesters are right. Che Guevara was a psychotic guerrilla terrorist who would kill everyone who dissented with him and his “vision” for Cuba.

There is a lesson for young so-called “socialists” in America to learn.

And the Cuban freedom fighters are teaching it.

Socialism, Marxism, and any other far-left extreme economic and cultural system is bound to be doomed sooner or later.

And when it fails, the oligarchs and dictators are the only beneficiaries.

The people are left in shambles and extreme poverty, especially compared to the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, the “elites” of those socialist and Marxist societies suck the life out of their people for their own wealth and benefit.

Cubans fighting for liberty in Cuba right now and Cuban-Americans who’ve fled from the Marxist hell hole are pleading for everyone to listen to that lesson.

Only time will tell if anyone is.

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