This Gold Star mom ripped Biden to shreds for one glaring omission in the State of the Union

The Democrats are rallying around Joe Biden’s lifeless State of the Union address.

The party is desperate for a jolt in the arm, so they’re presenting the speech as a triumph.

But a Gold Star mom ripped Biden to shreds for one glaring omission in the State of the Union speech.

Joe sputtered through his State of the Union address and hit most of the Democratic talking points, but he refused to mention his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Biden said the Afghan government would be able to hold off the Taliban and maintain control of the country, but the government collapsed in a day.

Biden also unnecessarily surrendered Bagram Airfield and evacuated the country from Kabul International Airport, a smaller and less secure airport.

That decision cost 13 servicemembers their lives when terrorists attacked Kabul.

And Shana Chappell, the mother of one of the fallen Marines, has not forgotten.

Chappell eviscerated Biden in a lengthy social media post.

She wrote:

“[D]id you already forget that you put 13 kids in flagged draped coffins you piece of sh*t??? You disrespectful mother effer, SAY OUR KIDS NAMES!!!!! Do you remember this day in Dover??? I do!!! I had to watch my son be taken off a plane while my heart felt like it was being ripped from my chest and you stood there checking your watch over and over again like being there was taking up too much of your precious time!”

The Associated Press fact-checked the story of Biden checking his watch as “false” until several Gold Star families came forth and corroborated the story.

Only then did they change their assessment to “missing context.”

The Democrat Media Complex will do anything to defend the establishment, even disrespect Gold Star families.

Chappell continued:

“Biden When you got my son killed you also killed a piece of me. You and your administration full of clowns are an embarrassment and disgrace to our country! I would say let’s have a face to face meeting but u and i already did that and you showed me in person you could care less what happened to my son!”

Biden also turned off some of the Gold Star families by bringing up the death of his son Beau Biden, who died of cancer.

Biden has routinely invoked his dead son publicly, and some families commented that it was off-putting; they wanted to talk about their own children who had been lost.

Biden wants to memory-hole the entire Afghanistan calamity, but Chappell and other Americans have a long memory.

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