This former CEO of McDonald’s is forming a coalition to take on woke corporations

Republicans used to be considered the party of “big business.”

If that ever was the case, it certainly isn’t any more – as corporate America lurches further to the radical Left by the day.

Now, one man who used to run one of the largest companies in the world is taking a stand against woke corporations.

The Former President and Chief Executive Office of McDonald’s U.S., Ed Rensi, has had enough of giant conglomerates siding with the woke outrage mob as America moves closer to becoming a corporatocracy.

Rensi is partnering with a team of advocacy groups to launch The Boardroom Initiative.

The new group is a coalition with the mission of pushing back against American corporations whose boardrooms are becoming too political.

Rensi isn’t trying to turn corporate America conservative, he just wants them to return to a politically neutral place.

The current Chairman of FAT Brands – which owns Fatburger, Johnny Rockets, Round Table Pizza, Hot Dog on a Stick, Great American Cookies, Pretzelmaker and Marble Slab Creamery – made the announcement in an interview on Fox Business Channel.

“Corporations have no business being on the right or the left,” Rensi said. “Because they represent everybody there and their sole job is to build equity for their investors. It is not the providence of board members or executives that take shareholder money profit and spend it on social matters. Corporations should not get involved in social engineering.”

The latest example of a corporation ignoring equity for investors in favor of making a political play is Twitter – whose board initiated a poison pill to try and kill a deal with Tesla Founder Elon Musk, which would have been incredibly profitable for shareholders.

Or, you could look at Disney, which is suffering from a boycott and declining subscriptions to its streaming service after coming out against Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law.

Land-O-Lakes just removed the image of a Native American from all of its butter packaging.

Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s went through similar woke rebranding.

The examples of woke corporate agendas are endless – simply watch the commercials during the next showing of your favorite television program.

The mission statement of The Boardroom Initiative is: “to defend shareholders and employees of public companies from woke policies and ensure corporate accountability.”

The man who created the Chicken McNugget, Rensi, will serve as Executive Chairman of the initiative.

According to Fox Business, the coalition will also include conservative advocacy group The Job Creators Network founded by Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus along with two other conservative advocacy groups, The Free Enterprise Group and Second Vote.

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