This damning video spells doom for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez latest political stunt backfired bigtime.

The scene of the latest disaster was the last place Ocasio-Cortez ever expected.

And this damning video spells doom for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The border crisis is starting to hit home for Democrats.

Joe Biden shipped over 100,000 illegal aliens into New York City which pushed Manhattan to the breaking point.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams claimed the number of illegal aliens entering New York would “destroy” the city and that every neighborhood would be affected as illegal aliens flood hotels and strain social services past the breaking point.

The number of illegal aliens pouring into New York also threatens Democrats’ plans to win back a majority in the House of Representatives as the swing districts Democrats targeted are in open revolt over the flood of illegal aliens entering the city.

Democrats tried to perform damage control with a press conference in New York City to show that they care.

But it turned into a fiasco when Ocasio-Cortez took the mic and claimed the only solution to the border crisis was a mass amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens living in the United States.

“Ultimately, I think that there are three points of consensus here that are very important in getting a solution to that issue. The first is that there is consensus here across geographies and state on increased federal resources to cities and municipalities dealing with this issue,” Ocasio-Cortrez declared.

“The second is to allow for work authorizations so that folks in here can get to work and start supporting themselves as soon as possible. They are prevented from getting jobs. They are prevented from employment and that is part of the strain on our public systems. The faster that folks can access the work that they’re asking for, legally, the better we can solve,” Ocasio-Cortez added.

But as Ocasio-Cortez began to speak, loud chants of “close the border” and other demands to stop illegal aliens from entering the country drowned out Ocasio-Cortez.

Even New Yorkers – who live in a self-proclaimed sanctuary city – now realize open borders are a disaster and are fed up with Democrats demands of amnesty, which everyone knows will only make the situation worse by creating a new magnet to attract millions more illegal aliens to America.

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