This damning video is about to turn Joe Biden’s life upside down

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Joe Biden is in deep trouble.

One of his biggest scams just unraveled.

And that’s because this damning video is about to turn Joe Biden’s life upside down.

Americans were horrified at a clip of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky saying unless America continues to fund Joe Biden’s war against Russia then America’s sons and daughters will be dying in another European war.

Conservative pundit Candace Owens tore into Zelensky during her podcast.

“Oof, I am not going to say that I’d like to punch Zelensky in the face because that’s– that’s violent. But I am saying that if I could get away with punching one person in the face and have no consequences, it would be President Zelensky,” Owens began.

Owens tore into members of Congress who paraded around the U.S. Capitol wearing Ukrainian flag pins while questioning Zelensky and the Swamp’s claim that unless the U.S. stopped Russia in Ukraine it would be World War III.

“I can’t even tell you how much, oof, I harbor for him. The audacity to tell you that the consequence is going to be that your sons and daughters are going to fight and die if you don’t help him secure a win against Russia. Wow. That’s bold. But why should he be feeling bold? He’s got, he’s got our Congressmen waving the Ukrainian flag in our chambers. Right. In our Congressional chambers,” Owens added.

Zelensky and Joe Biden both make the same argument that unless America keeps writing a blank check for the war in Ukraine Putin will invade a NATO ally such as Poland, Estonia, or Latvia.

There is little evidence that is true.

Russia could not pacify and conquer Ukraine.

Few believe it is realistic that Putin would then pivot to taking on the entire NATO alliance.

And if European countries believe that is the case, it is all the more reason for other NATO countries to meet – and exceed – the organization’s stated goal that each member spend two percent of GDP on national defense.

If Europe’s security is at risk then the Europeans should be pick of most of – if not all – of the tab.

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