This country music star says Americans will die before letting their kids be indoctrinated

    Radically woke Leftists have made it their mission to destroy the nuclear family.

    In a bizarre move, more-and-more of them are saying the quiet part out loud in this election cycle.

    But one country music legend is drawing a firm line in the sand when it comes to the Left coming for his family.

    When Democrat politicians supported teachers unions across the country and forced students to stay home for distance learning during the pandemic – they woke a sleeping dragon.

    Parents were able to see first hand the indoctrination their children were subjected to in class and there was a massive backlash.

    It led to a massive upset in the Virginia Gubernatorial and legislative races.

    And the GOP performed very well in the 2021 off-year elections.

    Along with record high gas prices, four-decade high inflation, food shortages, unaffordable housing, a crisis on the U.S. southern border, and surging crime rates – the woke brainwashing of kids in the classroom is leading to a potential red wave in the 2022 Midterms.

    But as we recently saw with Disney’s admission they want 50% LGBT and non-white representation in their upcoming movies and series – the radical Left remains all-in on the grooming and propagandizing of America’s youth.

    However, country music star John Rich isn’t having it.

    In a recent interview with podcaster Tim Pool, Rich said Americans will stop at nothing to defend their families.

    “They better fear ever coming after my kids,” Rich said. “I’ll let you come after me all you want to. You leave my family alone. We will die for our families. That’s what they don’t understand, these liberals and people running our country. There is a fierce love and dedication and responsibility that we have as parents that you step over that line and you start messing with my kids, there is no boundaries anymore between us.”

    The man behind massive hit, “Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy,” says any politician who supports grooming kids with either gender-bending propaganda or debunked Critical Race Theory rhetoric will pay the price at the polls in November.

    “I know what I’m saying, I’m feeling it down in my guts,” Rich added. “That’s what tens of millions, if not more, Americans are feeling right now, regardless of their politics. You mess with our kids, you’ve got a world of hurt coming your way this fall.”

    The one-time winner of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice points out men and women paid the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives for Americans to live freely.

    He says “give me liberty or give me death” wasn’t a bumper stick or hashtag, it was the American way.

    The frontman for “Big & Rich” went on to add he won’t let consequences like not winning an award of radio stations refusing to play his songs stand in the way of him doing what’s right for his family and for America.

    Rich is part of a growing number of musicians, actors, and athletes who are fed up with the radical Left’s invasion of our freedom and our families and finally are speaking out.

    After all, the men and women who founded America went to war over a tax hike on their favorite breakfast beverage – that’s nothing compared to the indoctrination of an entire generation of American children.

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