This bombshell report just exposed the true origins of COVID-19

Since the beginning of the pandemic, scientists have speculated where the virus came from. 

And so-called “mainstream” media elites were all too eager to absolve China of any wrongdoing.

But this bombshell report just exposed the true origins of COVID-19.

It was clear by the spring of 2020 that China had fumbled the ball in containing COVID-19. 

Donald Trump and members of his cabinet like Mike Pompeo were vocal critics of the communist regime, even raising the possibility that China created the virus.

Media elites ignored the “coincidence” of Wuhan being the home of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, just a stone’s throw from where the COVID-19 virus supposedly originated in a “wet market.”

Donald Trump’s skepticism of a country that routinely covers up its human rights violations and political persecutions was labelled as “racist” and “xenophobic.”

But two scientists just demolished the media’s narrative.

In an op-ed written for The Wall Street Journal, Dr. Steven Quay and Richard Muller pointed out: 

“Of the 36 possible genome pairings that can produce two arginine amino acids in a row — which results in boosting a virus’ lethality — the one most commonly used in gain-of-function research is CGG-CGG, or double CGG.”

The COVID-19 virus contains that same double CGG sequence commonly used in research, but even more damning is that the double CGG sequence has never been found in the family of coronaviruses that COVID-19 belongs to.

Going further, they noted that COVID-19’s highly contagious nature from the start of the outbreak points to it being developed for “a long period” in a lab before public exposure. 

“The presence of the double CGG sequence is strong evidence of gene splicing, and the absence of diversity in the public outbreak suggests gain-of-function acceleration,” they concluded. “The scientific evidence points to the conclusion that the virus was developed in a laboratory.”

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