This awful picture of John Fetterman will make your blood boil

Governor Tom Wolf from Harrisburg, PA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Pennsylvania Democrat Senator John Fetterman is back in Washington, D.C.

Fetterman keeps trying to hide the truth about himself from the public.

And this awful picture of John Fetterman will make your blood boil.

A photo of John Fetterman dressed in his trademark shorts and hoodie strolling on to the Senate floor to cast his first votes since returning to the Senate following bouts with clinical depression stemming from the fact that Fetterman began to realize the near fatal stroke he tried to hide from the public left him a diminished version of himself took the Internet by storm.

Fetterman wore the costume of the proletariat to disguise the fact that Fetterman was born into a life of wealth and privilege.

The trust fund baby who attended the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University presents himself as a blue collar man of the people.

Fetterman rode this image as working class Joe Six Pack, which Fetterman built during his disastrous tenure as Mayor of Braddock, to a victory of Dr. Oz – who Fetterman cast as an effete carpet bagging celebrity – in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

The media overlooked the facts of Fetterman’s life as left-wing reporters were dazzled by Fetterman’s homeless-chic dress.

For instance, Fetterman mocked Dr. Oz for not knowing he owned ten homes when in reality Fetterman forgot to include eight properties he owned on his own disclosure forms.

The Daily Mail reports:

The total value of the properties he left off his disclosure form was $108,800. All eight of the properties were in Braddock, Pa.- Fetterman’s hometown where he served as mayor. His name is listed as owner on all of them on the Allegheny County website. Many of the properties appeared to be empty lots worth between $10,000 and $20,000 that are surrounding Fetterman’s home. One was a building structure worth over $40,000.

Fetterman served as the Mayor of Braddock – which paid a salary of $150 per year – because Fetterman’s wealthy parents paid him an allowance of as much as $54,000 a year until Fetterman was well into his 40s.

Fetterman’s sister also gifted Fetterman his first home for $1.

Salena Zito of the New York Post wrote:

Fetterman’s father, Karl, is a successful businessman and founder/owner of Kling Insurance in Pennsylvania. Not only did Fetterman grow up in the wealthy suburb of York, Pa., his parents financially supported him and his family for the entire 13 years he was mayor of Braddock — a part-time job that paid him just $150 a year — until he was sworn in as Lieutenant Governor in 2019 at the age of 49. In 2015 alone, his parents paid him a $54,000 salary.

He lives with his wife, Gisele, and their three children, in a spacious Braddock loft that his sister purchased for $70,000 and then handed over to Fetterman for just $1.

John Fetterman’s entire public image is a sham.

But much like in the campaign where the press helped hide the severity of the stroke, Fetterman gets away with the façade of being a champion of the common man because the press plays along.

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