Things aren’t looking good for Kamala Harris as one of her key staffers walks away

Kamala Harris is having a rough first year as Vice President.

The once beloved Democrat isn’t shaping up to be the political powerhouse many in the Democrat Party thought she’d be.

Things aren’t looking good for Kamala Harris as one of her key staffers walks away.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings continue to spiral downward and Kamala Harris’ actions over the last ten months haven’t helped.

Reports are being leaked from the White House that Biden’s team is trying to distance themselves from the Vice President and her team.

Now, however, it looks like even Harris’ own team doesn’t want anything to do with her.

Ashley Etienne served as Communications Director for Vice President Kamala Harris.

But Etienne has resigned amid a sharp decline in Harris’s approval ratings.

“Ashley is a valued member of the vice president’s team, who has worked tirelessly to advance the goals of this administration. She is leaving the office in December to pursue other opportunities,” a statement from a White House official read.

The White House and office of the Vice President can try to spin this one any way they like but the American people aren’t buying it.

Etienne is clearly departing amidst a rapid downward spiral in approval ratings for both Biden and Harris.

According to a poll from RealClearPolitics, Joe Biden’s approval rating stands at 42.3% with Harris’ at only 40.2%.

In a different poll released by USA Today/Suffolk University a very different picture is painted with a 38% approval rating for Joe Biden and a 28% approval rating for Harris.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and much of the Democrat Party are simply beside themselves that the American people do not like, nor accept, their radical socialist agenda.

Instead of backing off the radical socialist policies, they’re doubling down which is only infuriating Americans even more.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are a disaster of a team and have done more damage to the country than most anyone could have ever predicted.

It’s high time the American people pushback and get some real leadership in the White House.

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