These Democrats are running away from Joe Biden faster than melting ice cream

There is no question 2022 is off to a rough start for Joe Biden.

It seems everything from the economy to foreign policy to his family has fallen apart.

And now, these Democrats are running away from Joe Biden faster than his ice cream melts.

In what many political observers are calling a very ‘dangerous signal,’ Democrats running for election and reelection in 2022, are running as fast and as far away as they can from Joe Biden.

His plummeting poll numbers and continued blunders, gaffes, and disastrous decisions have left once strong political allies scrambling to abandon ship in a last ditch attempt to save their own skins.

But the problems for the Democrat Party and Joe Biden run even deeper.

Biden’s ever-sinking approval numbers may torpedo his own political aspirations.

New polls are now showing that Democrats prefer another presidential nominee on the ballot in 2024.

While it’s still early, there is nothing on the horizon that would appear to give Biden any hope of turning things around anytime soon.

This past week a CNN poll found that 51% of Democrats and Democrat-leaning voters want another nominee for 2024.

That poll is very similar to an earlier one conducted by Suffolk University which found 46% of Florida Democrats said they would pick Hillary Clinton over Biden if the 2024 primary were held today.

These poll results are, “a dangerous signal that there is vulnerability within the party,” according to Suffolk University Political Research Center Director David Paleologos.

And it is important to remember these surveys were conducted at a time when consumer prices are still rising, and Russia-Ukraine tensions could still get worse.

One thing all polls are showing is that the economy is Biden’s major problem, yet Democrats remain laser focused on January 6 and Donald Trump.

This was recently pointed out by Clinton strategist James Carville who warned Democrats they are bound to lose if they stay on their current course.

That’s because Biden’s economic job approval is a paltry 38%, and his disapproval rating is at 57%.

And many believe if Biden faces a primary in 2024, it will be the end for him.

Just like it was for Gerald Ford after Reagan primaried him in 1976, Jimmy Carter after Sen. Ted Kennedy in 1980, and George H.W. Bush and Pat Buchanan in 1992.

Many observers are pointing to Biden’s bizarre appearance with Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger (D-VA 7) in Culpeper, Virginia, last week.

Spanberger admitted she is “going to have a hard time getting reelected” in large part because of Joe Biden.

In fact, Spanberger won her second term in 2020 with only a 1.8-point margin of victory.

There is no longer any doubt that Biden is a “burden” to Democrats like Spanberger.

Even Democrats see that now.

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