These athletes have had enough of the woke mob’s grip on women’s sports and they’re not afraid to speak up

Leftism eventually destroys everything it touches.

The sports world is quickly learning that lesson.

But these athletes have had enough of the woke mob’s grip on women’s sports and they’re not afraid to speak up.

University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas is making a mockery out of women’s swimming.

Lia, born William, competed on the men’s team and was ranked 42nd, then “transitioned” and rose to the top of the women’s division.

Thomas recently took home the NCAA championship in the 500m freestyle event, and was cheered on by the “woke” Left.

But more people are speaking out against the inherent unfairness of the situation.

Dozens of former swimmers, including Olympians, and coaches wrote a letter to the NCAA that read:

“Do we have a voice? It’s hard to express the anguish the women’s swim community has experienced this past week watching the 2022 NCAA Swim & Dive Championships. On one hand, we feel we are witnessing irrevocable damage to a sport that has transformed our own identities for the better. On the other, we have reconnected with each other in sisterhood after many busy years living our lives beyond the water’s edge. We are grateful for the many women who have stood up to publicly speak up in protest of your policies including UT’s swim alumni who penned a thoughtful letter to their Athletic Director and inspired us to write from the University of Arizona alumni perspective. We have collected some of our own thoughts on paper to plead to swimming leadership at every level to take immediate action to protect our women athletes.”

Thomas’s victory in women’s swimming is the culmination of a lot of bad ideas that have been propagated by fringe leftists.

All of society is being cudgeled to go along with radical theories about gender, and anyone who speaks out is publicly condemned, and perhaps even fired.

The letter continued:

“According to Duke’s Center for Sports Law and Policy, ‘there is an average 10-12% performance gap between elite males and elite females’ in sport. What advantage does testosterone have for natural born men in swimming specifically? This year in the 500 freestyle the men’s A standard qualifying time is 4:11.62. The women’s A standard qualifying time was 4:35.76. That is a difference of 24.14 seconds. To put that into perspective, the male swimmer in the last seed going into the meet would be two full laps ahead of his female counterpart in this event. This one example alone demonstrates the advantages a biologically male swimmer has over a female. Physiological advantages exist.”

Yet the Left want people to believe that biology is not real.

Thomas will not be the last biological male to compete in women’s sports if the NCAA does not take a firm stance on the issue.

Liberals are begrudgingly admitting that conservatives may actually have a point on this topic.

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