The woke mob is turning on country star Garth Brooks for this shocking reason

Andrew Wendowski, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Garth Brooks is one of the biggest superstars in the history of country music.

But he spoke one truth that the Left didn’t want to hear.

And now the woke mob is turning on country star Garth Brooks for this shocking reason.

Garth Brooks is one of the legends of country music and has racked up just about every accomplishment there is to be had in the industry.

But he broke new ground in his decorated career when he hosted an awards show for the first time.

Brooks co-hosted the annual Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards with Dolly Parton.

Morgan Wallen won the ACM award for Male Artist of the Year after winning the 2022 Album of the Year award for his Dangerous: The Double Album.

The singer wasn’t present for the awards show after he was put on strict vocal rest on orders from his doctor that led to him canceling part of his tour.

Brooks accepted the award for Wallen and praised the country star, who’s become one of the most popular artists in the industry.

“Morgan Wallen couldn’t be here tonight. Tell you the truth, man, I can’t, we all know what it takes to win this award, to put in all that work to win. It is one thing to be here, not to get it must be killing him. So, let’s all celebrate,” Brooks said to cheers from the audience.

Brooks praised Wallen for his work ethic and honesty.

Wallen received a standing ovation from the audience even though he couldn’t attend the show.

Celebrating Wallen’s big wins at the ACM awards caused the woke mob to lash out at Brooks on social media.

Wallen faced a vicious cancellation attempt after he was caught on video using the “n-word” in jest with some friends after a late night of drinking.

He apologized for the incident and said that he wasn’t trying to be hurtful.

But that wasn’t enough for the woke mob.

Wallen’s music was pulled from the radio and streaming services, his agent dropped him, and he was banned from major award shows.

He persevered, his fans stuck with him, and his hard work was rewarded with big ACM wins.

But that didn’t stop the woke mob on social media from slamming Brooks.

“Audience giving a standing ovation to Morgan Wallen is disgusting,” a social media user with pronouns in her bio seethed. “So is Garth hyping him up.”

“Totally undeserved,” another user said. “Sure would know why it’s okay to award a racist and an alcoholic as ‘male artist of the year’. Makes the Academy look pretty bad.”

Wallen got the last laugh on critics after he won Artist of the Year after beating back their vicious cancellation attempt.

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