The woke mob is siccing cancel culture on animal names for this insane reason

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The woke mob is trying to erase anything that offends them.

It went to a level of insanity that no one expected.

And the woke mob is siccing cancel culture on animal names for this insane reason.

The woke mob is trying to erase anything that isn’t politically correct.

Anything that references “problematic” figures from history is in their crosshairs.

Bird names became the latest battleground for cancel culture after a campaign from the woke mob.

Over 100 species of birds are going to be renamed because their names have been determined to be “offensive” and “exclusionary” because of their connection to “racists” by the woke mob.

The American Ornithological Society, which is responsible for naming species of birds, announced that major changes were coming to the names of dozens of birds because the origin of their names is offensive to some left-wingers.

“There is power in a name, and some English bird names have associations with the past that continue to be exclusionary and harmful today,” American Ornithological Society president Colleen Handel said.

Bird names that are marked by “racism” and “misogyny” need to be changed for the good of society according to woke critics.

“We need a much more inclusive and engaging scientific process that focuses attention on the unique features and beauty of the birds themselves,” Handel continued. “Everyone who loves and cares about birds should be able to enjoy and study them freely—and birds need our help now more than ever.”

Bird names that are going to be changed include Gambel’s Quail, Lewis’ Woodpecker, Anna’s Hummingbird, Bullock’s Oriole and Berwick’s Wren.

The sin of these names is their connection to historical figures that are now considered problematic.

“We’ve come to understand that there are certain names that have offensive or derogatory connotations that cause pain to people, and that it is important to change those, to remove those as barriers to their participation in the world of birds,” Handel added.

The Audubon’s Shearwater, a tropical sea bird, is going to be renamed because of its connection to James John Audubon, a famous naturalist and painter of birds.

Audubon is being canceled because he was a slave owner who was opposed to the abolition of slavery.

The National Audubon Society, an environmental group dedicated to protecting birds and their habitats, is named after him.

The Scott’s Oriole is set to receive a new moniker because it’s named after Union Civil War general Winfield Scott.

But Scott is persona no grata with the woke mob because of his role in removing American Indians from their lands.

Over one hundred species of birds will be renamed because of the temper tantrum thrown by the woke mob.

The push to change the bird names comes from the aftermath of George Floyd’s death in 2020 when woke critics complained that bird names are “isolating and demeaning reminders of oppression, slavery and genocide.”

“We’re really doing this to address some historic wrongs,” Judith Scarl, the executive director of the American Ornithological Society, said, adding that the
change “will engage even more people in enjoying and protecting and studying birds.”

Cancel culture sure took an absurd twist by coming after the names of birds.

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