The woke Left’s insanity was on full display when Jill Biden handed out the International Woman of Courage of Award

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Woke identity politics have become a form of religion for Democrats.

Joe Biden makes nominations based entirely on race and gender instead of merit and experience.

And the woke Left’s insanity was on full display when Jill Biden handed out the International Woman of Courage of Award.

Joe Biden adhered to the Left’s woke identity politics by elevating several transgender individuals to high-level positions within his administration.

Assistant Health and Human Services Secretary Rachel Levine is a man who claims to be a woman who supports performing sex-change operations and giving hormones to minor children.

During the bill signing ceremony for the legislation mandating homosexual marriage in all 50 states, Joe Biden invited drag queen Marti Cummings to the White House to attend the event.

But Joe Biden and the Democrats are doing more than pushing the transgender agenda on America.

They’re also trying to erase the entire concept of gender from society.

Women have been raped in prison because a man claiming to be a woman was locked up inside a cell with biological women because of woke politics.

And men who claim to be women are allowed to enter female competitions and compete against biological women.  

William Thomas changed his name to “Lia” and claimed to be a girl and dominated women’s collegiate swimming last year.

Thomas was even nominated for the NCAA’s “woman of the year” award.

On Wednesday, Jill Biden pushed the gender insanity by honoring a biological male with an International Woman of Courage Award as part of the Women’s History Month celebration at the White House.

Alba Rueda, a man who claims to be a woman, was one of 11 “extraordinary women” Joe Biden and his regime honored at the awards ceremony.

Jill Biden and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken hosted the awards, which honors “extraordinary women from around the world who are working to build a brighter future for all.”

But there is a problem.

Rueda is a man, not a woman.

He is a prominent transgender activist from Argentina who serves as the country’s Special Envoy for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship.

Rueda helped pass a law in Argentina mandating 1% of public sector jobs be held open for transgenders.

Rueda has hopes to “establish an LGBTQI+ foreign policy agenda and mainstream it into the various negotiation fora, including into multilateral fora and bilateral relations as well as represent the Global South.”

“In Argentina, Alba Rueda is a transgender woman who was kicked out of classrooms, barred from sitting for exams, refused job opportunities, subjected to violence, and rejected by her family,” Biden’s Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks said as Rueda received the award. “But in the face of these challenges she worked to end violence and discrimination against the LGBTQI+ community in Argentina.”

The Left’s gender insanity is out of control.

But Biden honoring Rueda is a sure sign that this type of 1% policy will soon be pushed on America.

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