The Wall Street Journal ripped Democrats for pushing one insane policy that will hurt Americans

Joe Biden put a so-called “moderate” face on the Left’s radicalism.

He and Washington, D.C.’s Democrat elites have a ridiculous agenda that’s being sold through propaganda in the corporate-controlled press.

But The Wall Street Journal ripped Democrats for pushing one insane policy that will hurt Americans.

The Left have become obsessed with green energy.

They have been using climate catastrophe as a way to scare people into getting on board with insane policies that are effectively anti-human.

And climate expert Bjorn Lomborg recently detailed the folly of the Left’s green hysteria in a piece for The Wall Street Journal.

He focused on the mad push for electric vehicles, which are not the climate panacea that the greens suggest they are.

Lomborg wrote, “We constantly hear that electric cars are the future—cleaner, cheaper and better. But if they’re so good, why does California need to ban gasoline-powered cars? Why does the world spend $30 billion a year subsidizing electric ones?”

Lomborg is correct.

Subsidizing electric cars leads to malinvestment because the demand is simply not there.

Thanks to threats from Democrats as well as actual regulations, car manufacturers are undercutting their own profits and transitioning toward more electric vehicle production.

Lomborg continued, “In reality, electric cars are only sometimes and somewhat better than the alternatives, they’re often much costlier, and they aren’t necessarily all that much cleaner. Over its lifetime, an electric car does emit less CO2 than a gasoline car, but the difference can range considerably depending on how the electricity is generated. Making batteries for electric cars also requires a massive amount of energy, mostly from burning coal in China.”

That’s the dirty little secret about electric vehicles and the environmentalist movement more broadly.

Fossil fuels are still required to power the warehouses and heavy machinery needed to mine for resources and produce the electric cars.

Lomborg continued, “The climate effect of our electric-car efforts in the 2020s will be trivial. If every country achieved its stated ambitious electric-vehicle targets by 2030, the world would save 231 million tons of CO2 emissions. Plugging these savings into the standard United Nations Climate Panel model, that comes to a reduction of 0.0002 degree Fahrenheit by the end of the century.”

So countries around the world are supposed to wreck their economies and subsidize an unpopular product for the benefit of a negligible drop in the temperature in a century.

It’s utterly nonsensical, yet this is the crux of the Left’s agenda.

In reality, the green movement is all about centralizing control.

That’s quite clear when examining the negligible-at-best benefits of electric vehicles that are so fervently pushed.

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