The View dropped one fact about Joe Biden that no Democrat wanted to hear

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The harpies on The View are in full-on panic mode about the 2024 Election.

They weighed in on the biggest problem facing the Democrat Party.

And The View dropped one fact about Joe Biden that no Democrat wanted to hear.

One poll after another is revealing that President Joe Biden is in a state of complete collapse.

The President’s popularity is plummeting just as his re-election campaign starts to ramp up.

The View co-host Sara Haines let the cat out of the bag on the dilemma facing Democrats in 2024.

She bemoaned the fact that the party doesn’t have the “privilege” of replacing Biden with another Presidential candidate.

Haines pointed out that even if Biden decided to throw in the towel his most likely replacement, Vice President Kamala Harris, is polling even worse than the deeply unpopular President.

Democrats wouldn’t be able to replace Biden with anyone else but Harris according to Haines.

“I see it more as a campaign strategy because I think the privilege of another candidate is just not there. What’s the — when they talk about Biden stepping down, what’s the next choice? Where do you go from there?” Haines asked. “Because now you talk about Vice President Harris, who is polling, if we would go with the polling, even worse. But you can’t step over her, so what are you doing in this one-year runway?”

Co-host Ana Navarro said that Biden’s declining poll numbers should serve as a wake-up call to Democrats to spring into action.

Biden’s unpopularity should be “a wake-up call to organize, to mobilize, to register people, to talk about the accomplishments of this administration,” Navarro said. “Stop clutching your pearls and get to work.”

Haines said that Biden’s poll numbers are echoing the concerns she’s heard from Democrat insiders.

“With all the disclaimers about polls in general, I do think these numbers were really echoing what we’ve been hearing lately, of people saying they had concerns of certain things,” Haines said.

Biden is falling behind former President Donald Trump in a potential 2024 matchup in the battleground states that will decide the election in several recent polls.

The Democrat Party turned its Presidential Primary into a coronation to ensure that Biden has a cakewalk to the nomination.

They’re stuck with Biden as their nominee unless he makes the shocking decision to step aside.

Democrats and their media allies are coming to the painful realization that they’re in deep trouble with Joe Biden at the top of the ticket next year.

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