The University of Florida is paying tribute to one man that will make your skin crawl

College campuses have become a cesspool of far-left insanity.

All of the terrible “woke” ideas originated in academia.

Now, The University of Florida is paying tribute to one man that will make your skin crawl.

For the longest time, conservatives believed that college campuses were simply liberal and misguided, but they wildly underestimated the problem.

The universities have been transformed into far-left indoctrination camps.

The latest example comes courtesy of the University of Florida, the biggest public school in the state, where a group study room in one of the school’s libraries was named after Karl Marx.


The plaque reads in part:

“The unique extent of the influence of Marx’s materialist explanation of the workings of society, economics and history, inevitably saw Marxist theory extend its influence to literary criticism.”

Colleges have become so far-left, they openly celebrate Karl Marx, and this is not an isolated incident.

In 2018, NYU held a two-week birthday bash for Marx.

One survey showed that at least 20% of professors in the social sciences and humanities openly identified as Marxists, and that is a conservative estimate.

A study at Harvard showed that 40% of professors identified as “liberal,” but another 40% identified as “very liberal”; only 19% identified as “moderate,” and a piddling 1% identified as “conservative.”

Manhattan Community College in New York once offered students a Ho Chi Minh scholarship, named after the communist North Vietnamese leader.

The school also had a scholarship named after cop-killing communist fugitive Joanne Cheismard, who changed her name to Assata Shakur and fled to Cuba.

A 2020 Victims of Communism (VOC) survey found that “40% of Americans have a favorable view of socialism, up from 36% in 2019. Socialist sentiment is increasing among younger generations with Gen Z’s favorability at 49%, up from 40% in 2019.”

VOC Executive Director Marion Smith wrote in the survey report:

“In a year where Bernie Sanders and lawmakers such as AOC and The Squad normalized socialism as top-tier politicians, and young Americans have taken to the street to protest inequality, it’s clear socialism, communism, and Marxism have a new appeal to Americans…When one-in-four Americans want to eliminate capitalism and embrace socialism, we know that we have failed to educate about the historical and moral failings of these ideologies.”

The universities have been overrun by radical leftists, and they’re aggressively filtering the ideas down to K-12.

Parents are finally pushing back at the local level, but this is a long uphill battle.

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