The Pope made one appointment that left Christians furious

Pope Francis has confounded Catholics with his public statements and stances.

He has supported many leftist causes in his time as pontiff.

Now the Pope made one appointment that left Christians furious.

Despite softening the church’s position on certain issues, Pope Francis has remained stalwart on the issue of abortion.

He once proclaimed, “First question: is it okay to eliminate a human life to solve a problem? Second question: is it okay to hire a hitman to solve a problem? […] Last century, the whole world was scandalized by what the Nazis did to purify the race. Today, we do the same thing but with white gloves.”

However, the Pope just appointed a pro-abortion woman to a key position.

Breitbart reported that “Pope Francis has defended his choice of pro-abortion economist Mariana Mazzucato for the Pontifical Academy for Life, insisting Sunday that she will add some ‘humanity’ to the Academy. Women ‘know how to find the right path and move forward,’ the pontiff told journalists aboard the papal plane returning from Bahrain to Rome in response to a question on women’s rights.”

The Pontifical Academy for Life covers issues like robo-ethics, Human Genome Editing, vaccines, artificial intelligence, and other issues.

Pope Francis added, “Now I have put Mariana Mazzucato in the Pontifical Academy for Life. She is a great economist from the United States and I put her there to give a little humanity to it. Women bring their own thing. They shouldn’t become like men. No, they are women, we need them . . . And a society that erases women from public life is a society that is impoverished. It is impoverished . . . Equal rights, yes. But also equality of opportunity . . . Equality to move forward, because otherwise we are impoverished.”

No one questions the fact that she is a woman – it’s her pro-abortion stance that raises questions.

Pope Francis certainly could’ve found a highly capable pro-life female economist.

The Pope continued, “There is this machismo . . . I come from a land of male chauvinists. Argentines are male chauvinists, always. This is ugly, but then we go to our mothers who are the ones who solve the problems. But this machismo kills humanity.”

Breitbart added that “the president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, also defended the appointment of Mazzucato to the Academy, declaring that her positions may be ‘pro-choice’ but they are not ‘pro-abortion.’”

Public statements and moves like that are exactly why Pope Francis constantly has religious Catholics pulling out their hair.

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