The Pentagon made one announcement that has the U.S. Military up in arms

Joe Biden’s administration is one of the most polarizing Presidential administrations in American history.

And it just got worse.

That’s because the Pentagon made one announcement that has the U.S. Military up in arms.

There isn’t a hotter divisive topic facing America right now than the COVID-19 vaccine and renewed mask mandates popping up around the country.

Democrats are trying to find every way in which they can beat Americans into submission to their agenda of forcing everyone to obey the government’s wishes to get vaccinated.

In fact, the Democrat Mayor of New York recently mandated that all citizens in the city must be vaccinated to enjoy any entertainment venue, restaurant, or “indoor” business establishment.

The implications of making unvaccinated individuals second-rate citizens are devastating.

But that hasn’t stopped the Democrats from pushing through with their propaganda and agenda – actually, it’s gotten worse.

The Biden administration recently made an announcement that ALL members of the U.S. Military will be required to be vaccinated or risk being kicked out of the military.

Lloyd Austin – Biden’s appointment as the United States Secretary of Defense – penned a memo saying that a COVID-19 vaccination will be required by “no later than mid-September.”

The memo reads:

As many of you know, President Biden asked me to consider how and when we might add the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) vaccines to the list of those required for all Service members. So, over the last week, I have consulted closely with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Secretaries of the Military Departments, the Service Chiefs, and medical professionals. I appreciate greatly the advice and counsel they provided.

Based on these consultations and on additional discussions with leaders of the White House COVID Task Force, I want you to know that I will seek the President’ s approval to make the vaccines mandatory no later than mid-September, or immediately upon the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) licensure, whichever comes first.

Ironically, SecDef Austin even notes in his memo that the FDA has yet to fully approve any of the COVID-19 vaccines that he and the Biden administration have already decided it will be a prerequisite to serving the United States of America.

While the vaccines are expected to be fully approved by the FDA soon, it’s obvious to anyone half-witted that the Biden administration is merely using this as both a political “gotcha” over anyone who doesn’t want the vaccine and another way to boost vaccination rates in the country after failing to hit the administration’s benchmark of 70% by July 4.

There are also legitimate reasons why plenty of Americans don’t want the vaccine.

The CDC has demonstrated – and emphasized, even – that those under the age of 60 and generally healthy are not at risk of being hospitalized due to COVID-19, much less die from the virus.

Requiring everyone serving the U.S. Military to receive that vaccine is sure to cause thousands of soldiers to question whether they want to continue to serve.

Simply put, we’re dealing with mostly 20-40 year old men and women who are in top physical shape compared to the everyday American and simply don’t need a vaccine to protect them from a virus that poses little threat to them.

What does threaten the U.S. Military are leftists like the Biden administration who want to use the military as a tool for woke social engineering.

There’s simply no way there won’t be thousands of soldiers walking away from the armed forces because of this requirement.

Which will hurt our military readiness way more than COVID-19 ever could.

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