The Pentagon is taking actions that have people asking one big question

Many are watching Washington, D.C. closely this week as the Democrats continue to squabble over Biden’s massive spending bills.

The fiscal year end is just a few days away and a must-pass measure authorizing the government to pay its bill sits in the balance.

Now the Pentagon is taking actions that have people asking one big question.

Is there a new government shutdown on the horizon?

Earlier this week, the Senate failed to pass a key procedural vote to advance the government funding bill the House recently passed.

The bill would avert a looming shutdown.

But the Pentagon wasn’t waiting to see if Democrats would get their ducks in a row and appeared to be preparing for the shutdown even before the latest vote.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby stated last Friday:

“OMB is preparing for any contingency as is consistent with long-standing practice across multiple administrations. And we obviously will take seriously, as we always do, and as I think you’ve seen through previous shutdowns, should there be one, that we have to continue to defend the nation, and we have to make sure that the capabilities, the resources, the people are in place to continue to look after our national security interests.”

While the Pentagon may be preparing for a shutdown, Democrats have until Friday to try and pull this one off.

The Senate voted 48 to 50 on the procedural motion, with Republicans opposing the stopgap measure because it included an extension of the debt ceiling.

All Republicans voted in opposition and Democrats supported the measure.

Democrat Senator Ben Cardin was already looking at fallback options even before the vote failed, saying “If this doesn’t pass, we must keep government open.”

Once again, Democrats are attempting to throw more money at something to try and “fix it.”

They’re refusing to consider the catastrophic effect raising the debt ceiling once again could have on the average American citizen.

The shutdown isn’t set in stone just yet.

Lawmakers will have until midnight Friday this week to approve funding for the government or a shutdown will be immediately triggered.

America’s economy is facing a dire situation – one most have not seen in decades – and as usual the Democrats believe more spending is the answer.

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