The only thing Biden is ‘Building Back Better’ is the Taliban

Make no mistake about it, Joe Biden has blood on his hands.

His administration’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan led to the death of ninety people including thirteen American service members, with one hundred and fifty more wounded.

As if that wasn’t enough to anger every red-blooded American, what Biden is planning on building back better will have you fuming mad.

The Biden-Harris Administration recently announced that they were giving Afghanistan three hundred eight million of your hard earned tax dollars in “humanitarian assistance.”

This latest donation to the Taliban brings the total amount of aid from WE THE PEOPLE since October to seven hundred eighty two million dollars.

And that’s not even counting the four million three hundred thousand coronavirus vaccine doses Biden had also given away to Afghanistan.

Thankfully, there are some in Congress who are justifiably irate about the Biden-Harris Administrations recent actions.

In a recent interview on Fox News Channel’s The Story Congressman Michael Waltz absolutely eviscerated the White House.

Rep. Waltz said, “Let’s talk about what they should be doing with that money. Why aren’t they giving at least a portion of that money to these veterans’ groups who have so heroically stepped up when their government failed and are still, to this day, keeping thousands of Afghans who are being targeted by the Taliban safe in safe houses with medical treatment, with transportation, moving them so that they’re not hunted down, taking care of girls and women that are now barred from going to school. Why aren’t they giving that money to these groups who have proven to be so effective? Why aren’t they using it as leverage in talks with the Taliban to say, you know what Taliban? Let girls go back to school.”

But Congressman Waltz wasn’t done letting the Democrat Party know how he feels.

Waltz continued, “Stop hunting down our allies. How about you release the American hostage that you’re holding. But instead, we’re getting nothing from the Taliban for that money and what I can tell you, having served on the ground is the terrorist groups always skim off the top to the tunes of millions of dollars. … I don’t care how much they try to promise us that it’s going to go to independent organizations. When those organizations have a gun to their head and are told, give us 30%, they’re going to do it and then the Taliban decides who the winners and losers are and uses our taxpayer dollars to consolidate their rule. It’s just infuriating, it’s irresponsible, it’s clueless, and it’s heartless.”

While it’s unclear that Waltz’s words will do anything to stop Joe Biden from continuing to give the Taliban everything they want, it’s good to know that some in Congress are paying attention and are just as outraged as the rest of us.

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