The Left’s War on Christmas just escalated in one infuriating way

Radical leftists won’t be satisfied until they have stamped out Christianity from public life.

They have open disdain for people of religious faith.

And the Left’s War on Christmas just escalated in one infuriating way.

The Left have gradually moved from pleading for tolerance to demanding compliance.

People who are not on board with the “woke” agenda will be harassed until the end of time, particularly those with Christian beliefs.

Christian baker Jack Phillips found that out the hard way, as he’s been in a years-long court battle after choosing not to bake a custom cake for a gay wedding.

Leftists want to remove Christianity from the public square under the pretext that it is not “inclusive” enough.

And this manifests itself in absurd attacks on the Christmas holiday.

Several Christmas parades and other yuletide traditions have been canceled because of complaints from the Left.

That happened again in a Boston suburb, but the people in the town fought back.

Now the Left are furious.

Fox News reported that a “member of a Boston suburb’s Human Rights Commission resigned after posting a profanity-laden post to Facebook last week that mocked God and cursed her fellow citizens amid controversy regarding a local library’s Christmas trees. The town of Dedham, Massachusetts, about 30 miles southwest of Boston, drew national attention after Lisa Desmond, manager of the local Endicott Branch Library, wrote on Facebook earlier this month that its annual Christmas tree display had apparently been canceled to prevent offending people.”

Desmond wrote on Facebook, “I have never posted a negative post on Facebook . . . That is, until now. I found out today that my beautiful library will not have [its] Christmas tree this year . . . When I asked, I was told ‘people’ were made uncomfortable last year looking at it. I’m sorry WHAT? In my 28 years at the Dedham Public Library, I have never heard a negative comment.”

Citizens of Dedham protested and got the Christmas tree reinstated.

Some of the people who made heartfelt pleas in favor of the Christmas tree were Jews and Muslim residents because Christmas is an American holiday.

It’s part of the country’s tradition that should not be erased because of the whims of insane leftist activists.

One of the people who were made “uncomfortable” by the tree was Human Rights Commission member Diane Loud.

After the reinstatement of the tree, Loud wrote in a hate-filled screed, “Each of you who poked at and exacerbated this and brought it to that trash heap website [Fox News] are cowards . . . Lisa Desmond: F*CK YOU. You know what you were doing. You spent days batting aside the people who asked you to ratchet this back . . . Everyone will tell me that you are a selfish f*cking b*tcth who does not care about anyone but herself. For a tree? For a motherf*cking TREE? You have put people’s lives in a lot of danger. A LOT of danger. For a motherf*cking Christmas tree.”

That is a common refrain from the Left.

They claim that people’s lives are in danger if they don’t get their way politically.

Loud continued, “You are all the same and you are all worth nothing. You’re trash. You are f*cking trash. I hope this is worth it. All, I hope the fact that you — who claim to believe in Christ and Christmas or whatever happy horsesh*t you’re trying to hide behind—are the least gracious, most hateful, most disgusting trash in the world. Is this what you think your magic sky daddy wants? Where in the bible ws this again? In closing, I would like to add a final round of F*CK YOU, YOU PIECES OF TRASH. I hate each and everyone of you and I do wish great suffering on you. You are terrible, terrible people. And you did it all because you didn’t get your way. You are despicable.”

So when people say that a War on Christmas isn’t happening, remember that there are many, many people out there like Diane Loud who exist and walk among us.

And they are feverishly working to snuff out Christianity wherever they can.

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