The Left’s new cancel campaign against this famous bakery will really burn your buns

The radical Left doesn’t care about the quality of a company’s products or their customers’ satisfaction – they only care about ideological compliance.

That’s why they’ve tried to cancel incredible companies like Chick-fil-A.

But the Left’s new cancel campaign against this famous bakery will really burn your buns.

Before one can truly understand the situation of this baker, one must understand how the Left’s cancel campaigns operate.

Today’s left-wing is filled with bored activists who spend most of their free time in their parents’ basement looking for things to be outraged about.

And, as it turns out, they can usually find something to rage over before long.

But they can’t be alone in their outrage.

No, they must share with the world not only how outraged they are but the fact that they’re even more outraged that more people are not as outraged as they are.

And when fellow cellar-dwelling socialists see this, they themselves are outraged.

Eventually and inevitably there will reach a tipping point where enough outraged leftists become so outraged that they are then compelled to do something about it, which brings us to the boycott phase of the cancel campaign.

Now that these outraged activists have a target and a call-to-action they now must loudly proclaim to the world why they are boycotting the offending company, person, product, or thing, which echoes through the bowels of the Internet until it ends up on leftist blogs.

And once enough leftist blogs “report” on this growing boycott, the outraged must wait for a slow news day, which is when some “journalist” will stumble across it while they’re bored at work and write a story about the growing controversy and associated cancel campaign.

That’s when the proverbial dam breaks and other “news” outlets begin running that story, which then outrages other bored activists who hadn’t heard about it yet.

The recently outraged, in an effort to not be outdone or accused of being not outraged enough, then open up new fronts in this woke war by targeting and harassing the offending party’s sponsors and or patrons.

This inevitably leads to more press coverage about the cancel campaign itself and how the offending party’s sponsors or patrons feel about the growing “controversy” and thus leads to more outrage.

The vicious cycle usually continues until either the offending party either apologizes for their actions, is forced to close their business or go into exile, or weathers the storm long enough for the outraged mob to find something else to be outraged about.

That is what Jim Martin and Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe of Chambersburg, PA is experiencing right now.

Martin’s has become a nationally known brand for making some of the best sweet and savory, ultra fluffy potato rolls in the country.

Undoubtedly you’ve either seen these delectable delights in your local grocery stores, purchased them yourself, or unknowingly eaten them at a social gathering or cookout.

In fact, they’ve become such an American staple that big corporate brands like Shake Shack even name drop Martin’s when promoting their burgers.

However, that all changed when a Left-wing blog titled “BILLYPENN” wrote a story about how Jim Martin, Executive Chair and former President of Martin’s Famous Pastry Shoppe, and his family have donated to Republican Gubernatorial candidate Dough Mastriano.

Since this story “broke,” left-wing news outlets like CNN, CBS, NBC are now all writing stories about the growing “controversy” and are of course asking corporations and other businesses who are patrons of Martin’s how they feel about it.

How this cancel campaign will affect Martin’s business in the long run and how Shake Shack will respond remains to be seen.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more updates to this ongoing story.

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