The late Reverend Billy Graham made one surprising admission to Donald Trump in a letter he wrote in 1991 that just resurfaced

Donald Trump used to be one of the most popular celebrities in America.

That all changed the moment he launched his Presidential campaign in 2015.

And the late Reverend Billy Graham made one surprising admission to Donald Trump in a letter he wrote in 1991 that just resurfaced.

Donald Trump released a new book on Tuesday called Letters to Trump.

The book is full of correspondence and letters between Trump and numerous famous and influential people over the years before he entered the White House.

“Before President Donald J. Trump created the most significant political movement in American history, he had already achieved tremendous success as one of America’s most prominent real estate moguls and acclaimed media personalities,” the book’s publisher wrote. “In his latest book, published by Winning Team Publishing, Letters to Trump, reveals part of the incredible private collection of correspondence between President Donald J. Trump and the countless world leaders, celebrities, athletes, and business leaders who shaped the United States and the world!”

Letters to Trump from Richard Nixon, Princess Diana, Hillary Clinton, Chairman Kim Jong Un, and several other high-profile people are featured in the book.

But one of the most surprising letters is from the late Reverend Billy Graham, the most well-known evangelical Christian to ever live.

Graham wrote that it was a “pleasure to meet you and Marla Maples at the small dinner party that Mrs. DeMoss gave at one of her homes.”

“For a long time I have wanted to meet you and get to know you,” Graham wrote in the letter.

Surprisingly, Graham admitted that he had read all of Donald Trump’s books.

“I have read your books and am absolutely amazed at your career,” Graham wrote. “You could probably give me a great deal of good advice, as I am chairman of the board of several religious organizations.”

He assured Trump that he was not trying to take advantage of him for his money, noting that he “makes it a point never to ask individuals for money to support the various Christian enterprises in which I am involved.”

Graham also thanked Trump for offering him a free stay at his hotels and added “I hope to get to know you all better, and wish you all the happiness in the world.”

In the book, Trump includes a commentary about his relationship with Billy Graham.

“Billy Graham was one of a kind,” Trump wrote. “He was a man of character and conviction—somebody we probably will never see again in the sense of what he represented and who he represented.”

Trump said his father called Graham “the greatest evangelist” and took him to see him preach the gospel at Yankee stadium.

“I vividly remember going to Yankee Stadium many years ago with my father and the family to watch a Billy Graham Crusade,” Trump wrote. “It was absolutely incredible.”

“Billy Graham was amazing and will always be remembered as probably the greatest of all time at what he did—telling others about God,” Trump concluded.

Donald Trump frequently touts his Art of the Deal book when on the campaign trail.

And now he can add that even the late Billy Graham was a fan of his deal-making abilities.

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