The heiress to one of the largest alcohol companies in the world has a plan to help Democrats keep the majority

Everything about the current national political climate points to a Red Wave in the November midterms.

However, all politics is local – and no race should be taken for granted.

And now, the heiress to one of the largest alcohol companies in the world has a plan to help Democrats keep their Senate majority.

The Heiress to the Anheuser-Busch fortune, Trudy Busch Valentine, has officially announced her intentions to run for the open Missouri Senate race.

Republican Senator Roy Blunt is retiring, making the Show Me State seat one of the hottest contested races in the country.

Busch Valentine made a surprise filling to add her name to the Democrat primary just before the filing deadline.

As the daughter of the late Anheuser-Busch beer baron August “Gussie” Busch Jr., Busch Valentine has virtually endless self-funding potential.

Combine that with her name recognition in Missouri, and particularly the St. Louis metropolitan areas where heavy Democrat votes reside, and she is the likely frontrunner to take the Democrat nomination for the open seat.

In fact, once Busch Valentine entered the race, former Democrat State Senator Scott Sifton dropped out of the contest and endorsed her.

Nonprofit executive Lucas Kunce is Busch Valentine’s opponent in the Donkey primary and is running a serious campaign.

On the GOP side there is a crowded six-way primary.

The top contenders are including Attorney General Eric Schmitt, Representatives Vicky Hartzler and Billy Long (R), and former Governor Eric Greitens.

Trial lawyer Mark McCloskey is also considered a wild card in the Republican Primary.

All of the Elephants have been vying for former President Donald Trump’s backing – but so far, the 45th President has yet to make an endorsement.

However, some on the Trump team have hinted at Trump potentially supporting Greitens.

Thought the former President has spoken glowingly about Rep. Long, and AG Schmitt held a Mar-a-Lago fundraiser bringing in a $1.6 Million haul.

Meanwhile, the other U.S. Senator from Missouri, Republican Josh Hawley has thrown his support behind Rep. Hartzler.

Sen. Hawley has been close with Trump, proving to be one of his best allies.

The polling in the Republican primary is close and Trump’s endorsement would likely swing the race to the candidate of his choice.

Missouri was once considered the bellwether state of America – how Missouri goes, so goes the nation.

However, over the years, the Show Me State has turned more Red by the cycle.

If Busch Valentine were to use what is assumed to be a substantial upcoming war chest to secure a victory, the GOP path to the Senate Majority in the midterms would become, not unobtainable, but much more difficult to capture.

She may be Missourian’s worst bet, but at the same time Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s best hope.

In Missouri, Donald Trump defeated Joe Biden by 16-points in 2020.

The same year, incumbent Republican Governor Mike Parsons won re-election by 17-points.

Before Busch Valentine’s entry into the race, most political pundits were scoring the open Missouri Senate race as solid or likely Republican.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more developments to this ongoing story.

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