The first weekend of July brought violence in our cities that you’ll never believe

Since Black Lives Matter started rioting in American cities left and right in the summer of 2020, the radical Left has been trying to sweep it all under the rug.

But that’s not going to happen this time.

That’s because the first weekend of July brought violence in our cities that you’ll never believe.

George Floyd’s death set off a firestorm unlike anything America has seen in the past decade.

Race relations were down the toilet and the Black Lives Matter organization grew more radicalized than ever – targeting dozens of cities with destruction unlike anything Americans had seen in a long time.

No one knew that was just the beginning, however.

According to reports, July 4th weekend brought obscene levels of violence in Chicago, Illinois, with the latest numbers showing 100 people shot, 18 fatally killed, and hundreds destroying police vehicles.

Multiple officers were even injured during the night of violence and unrest.

If you thought 2021 would bring any sort of “improvement” over 2020’s insanity, you’d be wrong.

ABC Chicago reports:

From Friday at 6 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. on Monday, at least 100 people have been shot, including two CPD officers and five children 13 and younger.

There were at least 18 killed.

During the same time period over the holiday last year, 87 were shot and 17 were killed.

The ABC report adds that 12,000 officers had days off outright canceled as officers had to work 12 hour shifts during the night to focus on 15 “violence-prone areas in Chicago.”

Chicago’s Police Superintendent, David O. Brown, noted “No one else would do the brave and courageous work the men and women of the Chicago Police Department do every day . . . There are too many violent offenders and too little consequences in our courts. There are too many illegal guns in our city.”

All of this comes as Biden’s administration seeks to crack down on guns with unprecedented gun control efforts to turn law-abiding Americans into felons overnight – all via executive order and without an ounce of Congress’ approval.

Those executive orders would do nothing to curtail the majority of violence in our nation that’s coming out of Deep Blue cities like Chicago.

The truth is that the violence that the Left says they want to prevent isn’t from so-called “white supremacists” or law-abiding, gun-owning Americans.

It’s from godless BLM radicals who are being left unchecked by local Democrats in Deep Blue cities all across America.

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