The FBI stormed this couple’s home with guns drawn looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop

There is no denying the fact that law enforcement tends to get a bad rap these days.

But when it comes to the FBI, they have a tendency to bring it upon themselves.

Case in point, the FBI recently stormed this couple’s home with guns drawn looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.

As has been reported ad nauseam, on January 6, a group of angry protestors decided to turn a peaceful protest over the outcome of the 2020 election into a riot at the U.S. Capitol.

During that chaos, someone apparently stole a laptop belonging to Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and now the FBI is apparently doing whatever it takes to get it back.

Last week, the FBI stormed the home of Paul and Marilyn Hueper, a married couple from Alaska, with guns drawn looking for that laptop.

The couple were present for the rally prior to all of the chaos that took place at the Capitol on January 6, but say they were simply there to “peacefully protest” and never entered the building.

According to a report from the Alaska Watchmen, the couple were awakened at their home last Wednesday at 9:00 A.M. when Paul walked out of the couple’s bedroom and was greeted by “seven guns pointing at him and his wife.”

The FBI reportedly placed them both in handcuffs and took them into separate rooms where they were interrogated for several hours before being released.

Apparently, “the FBI were most interested in Marilyn,” the Watchmen reported, as they presented her with a photo of another woman who was wearing a similar coat as the one she wore to the Capitol on January 6 and also had a similar haircut as her.

Both of the Huepers told the FBI that the woman in the photo was not Marilyn, as the woman was wearing completely different clothes than she was wearing that day.

As Paul put it, “My wife is much better looking than that.”

During a radio interview, Marilyn recalled that the FBI agents said, “We’re here for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.”

“So, I guess it was stolen and it is still at large,” she told KSMR-AM host Bob Bird.

The Anchorage Daily News reported that before leaving the home, agents seized laptops and cellphones from the Huepers, but that neither have been charged with any crimes.

“I can confirm that April 28, the FBI was conducting a court-authorized law enforcement activity at the location you described,” a FBI spokeswoman told the outlet. “We just can’t discuss the details or existence of an investigation.”

Despite the obvious shock such an encounter with the FBI would produce, the Huepers haven’t lost their sense of humor.

“I still think it’s funny that they want to take me as someone who was actually there (at the Capitol), instead of lost, eating hot dogs at the other end of the Mall,” Marilyn said.

If this is indeed a case of mistaken identity, as it appears to be by all indications, it does beg the question of how a warrant was issued for such an action.

The fact that a person was wearing a similar coat to a suspect in a missing laptop case seems to be a rather flimsy piece of evidence to produce probable cause for storming a couple’s home with guns drawn.

But if that was in fact enough evidence, it also begs the question of why the FBI is going to such lengths for a missing laptop.

Obviously, theft, especially the theft of government property, isn’t as trivial of an offense as jaywalking, but the FBI is operating as if this laptop contains the nuclear launch codes.

It’s rather clear that getting this laptop back is a top priority to someone in power, and they’re pulling out all the stops to make it happen.

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