The DOJ is finally investigating one far-left terror trend

The Department of Justice under Joe Biden has been a disgrace.

The FBI has been used as a cudgel for Biden to go after his political enemies.

Now the DOJ is finally investigating one far-left terror trend.

Radical leftists have been on the warpath ever since someone within the Supreme Court – likely a left-wing law clerk – leaked Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion in the Dobbs decision that ultimately overturned Roe v. Wade.

Jane’s Revenge, a communist pro-abortion terror group, as well as other Antifa-affiliated organizations, have firebombed crisis pregnancy centers after threatening to do so.

The Department of Justice had little to see about the groups, but was finally shamed by Congress into discussing the attack.

The DOJ apparently took time off from raiding the homes of pro-life preachers and Holocaust survivors in order to look into nationwide acts of actual terrorism.

The Daily Signal reported that “amid scores of attacks on pregnancy centers, the Justice Department shared with Republican Texas Rep. Chip Roy that it is investigating ‘multiple reports’ of ‘potentially unlawful conduct’ against pro-life pregnancy resource centers, a letter obtained by The Daily Signal shows. The letter, which Roy’s office received Tuesday, divulges very little real information about the Justice Department’s investigations into the vast array of attacks on pregnancy centers that have occurred since the May leak of the draft opinion indicating Roe v. Wade would be overturned. Roy expressed frustration to The Daily Signal that the Justice Department response evaded his specific questions on both the dramatic FBI arrest of Catholic father Mark Houck as well as the onslaught of attacks on the pregnancy centers.”

Mark Houck was arrested in his house at gunpoint while his kids were home, yet the DOJ is finally getting around to looking into the 98 churches and 77 pregnancy resource centers that have been vandalized or firebombed.

Congressman Chip Roy wrote in a statement, “The Biden DOJ’s refusal to respond to any of our questions or document requests is unacceptable . . . I will not stop seeking answers. Republicans should remember this when it comes time to fund DOJ’s programs and when we hold subpoena power. They will cooperate or they should be held accountable.”

Meanwhile, Attorney General Merrick Garland jumped immediately to sic the FBI on parents who showed up to protest at school board meetings.

This is what weaponization of the DOJ looks like.

The FBI will drag its feet investigating actual bombings, but parents at school board meetings is a top priority because they threaten Democrats’ monopoly of government education.

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