The Democrat Chair of the House Armed Services Committee just admitted one thing about Joe Biden that could destroy his Presidency

Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan is the greatest failure of his administration.

Biden hoped Democrats in Congress would defend his decision.

But the Democrat Chair of the House Armed Services Committee just admitted one thing about Joe Biden that could destroy his Presidency.

After his debacle in Afghanistan, Joe Biden is having trouble finding many political allies within his own Democrat Party.

The corporate-controlled media is even blasting Biden for his mishandling of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

But even though the situation is growing worse by the moment, Joe Biden is back in hiding, refusing to even take questions during the one press conference he gave after his disastrous withdrawal in Afghanistan.

And according to a top House Democrat, Biden ignored “intelligence” warnings and scrapped any plans previously laid out for an orderly and secure withdrawal.

On Thursday, during an interview with MSNBC, House Armed Services Committee Chairman, Democrat Adam Smith (WA) admitted that Joe Biden refused to “listen to the intelligence” or make a “plan” for the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“The thing that’s really troubling is that the Biden administration didn’t listen to the intelligence more carefully and didn’t plan better,” said Chairman Smith.

He continued, “I mean, when we first started doing hearings on the anticipated decision of the Biden administration to withdraw from Afghanistan in January and February, many members on our committee, including me, asked the Pentagon what their plan was to get our supporters out of Afghanistan. And the initial answers that we got from the Pentagon were, well, the State Department is handling that. We were like, okay, but it’s a security thing. They’re going to need you.”

Smith then said that the Biden administration didn’t take their questions seriously.

“And we really didn’t get great answers,” said Smith, before blasting Biden, saying “they did not listen to the intelligence as much as they should have, and they didn’t plan as much for getting the civilians out as they should have. That’s the bottom line, and we’re now seeing the result of that.”

During the one interview Biden gave with ABC’s George Stephanapoulos, Biden completely contradicted what Smith admitted, claiming “the idea that somehow, there’s a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing – I don’t know how that happens.”

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