The criminal case against Trump collapsed because of one bombshell revelation

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Democrats staked their chance of winning in 2024 on a scheme to weaponize the justice system against Donald Trump.

But the Left got hit with a brutal reality check.

And the criminal case against Trump collapsed because of one bombshell revelation.

Fulton County Democrat District Attorney Fani Willis’ 41-count racketeering case against Donald Trump for challenging the 2020 election is a laughably weak indictment put together just to help Joe Biden win in 2024.

Willis essentially charged Trump and some of his supporters for following the legal advice of their lawyers on how to contest the results in Georgia of the 2020 election.

George Washington Law Professor Jonathan Turley explained on Fox News that the case is built on a house of cards and could easily collapse.

Trump and his co-defendants would first file a flurry of motions trying to get their case moved to federal court since they were acting in their capacity as federal officials when contesting the 2020 election.

There will also be motions by Trump to get the charges tossed based on Presidential immunity since one of Trump’s duties as President is to see that states faithfully execute their laws.

“There’s going to be an effort to try to get some of these issues reviewed before trial,” Turley stated. “That could be difficult with the racketeering case. Prosecutors tend to say ‘Look, you might not like my evidence but I’ve got enough of it that I should get to a jury.’ A lot of appellate judges agree with that. The problem is that this is an indictment, Martha, where there are strong claims against some of these defendants when you look at insular crimes like access to voting machines.”

Turley said there are some strong charges against some Trump supporters who gained access to voting machines.

However, those charges have nothing to do with Donald Trump.

And Turley argued the entire case against Trump falls apart once you realize Trump legitimately believed he could flip Georgia and sought good faith advice of counsel as the best legal strategy to do so.

“It’s not that strong in my view, with Donald Trump; in fact, I think it collapses if you believe that Trump believed that he could flip the state, that he did, in fact, win the state, and he took the advice of his legal team. That’s not the type of case, I think, that’s good for democracy. I don’t think it’s good to have a democratic prosecutor pulling in the leading Republican candidate on that type of thin connection,” Turley concluded.

Turley warned that this case is a direct danger to democracy because Willis and the Democrats are criminalizing political score settling.

Now Trump supporters have to hope justice prevails and a judge throws out these sham charges.

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