The British Royal Family is keeping this major secret about Princess Kate’s health

Photo by Scarlet Sappho CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton stunned the world with the announcement in March that she had cancer.

Middleton hasn’t been seen in public since.

And the British Royal Family is keeping this major secret about Princess Kate’s health.

When will Princess Kate return to Royal duties?

Unlike Meghan Markle, Princess Kate is a beloved member of the Royal Family.

Middleton’s diagnosis meant she would retreat from the public eye while she battled cancer.

Part of the treatment involved abdominal surgery and chemotherapy.

And there are reports that Middleton is on the mend and on her way to recovery.

“It has been a great relief that she is tolerating the medication and is actually doing a lot better,” a source close to the Royal Family told Vanity Fair.

That led to the obvious question of when the Princess of Wales would make her return and resume her Royal duties.

Kinsey Schofield – the host of the To Di For podcast – told Fox News that Princess Kate would likely spend more time privately before resuming a public schedule.

The Royals – especially King Charles and his son Prince William – won’t put any pressure on Middleton to make public appearances.

“King Charles and Prince William have repeatedly stressed to the Princess of Wales that she should feel no pressure to return to public duty until she is ready,” Schofield stated.

“She has been spotted around town, looking upbeat,” Schofield said of Middleton.

Middleton has a close circle and friends who won’t allow her recovery to turn into tabloid fodder.

“Neighbors and her children’s schoolmates’ families have been protective of her and do what they can to ensure that she is protected from prying eyes,” Schofield added.

The guessing game

The Royals aren’t in any rush to share information with the media about Middleton’s recovery or return.

“The palace won’t officially give us any indication of a potential Catherine return. It is up to their doctors and ultimately Catherine’s choice,” Schofield continued.

Prince William’s been seen out and about with the couple’s children, which provides a window into the fact the rest of the family is trying to resume a normal life.

“The children are wonderful and getting a lot of extra time and love from their ‘Mama’ and ‘Papa’ right now,” Schofield added. “It’s a significantly positive sign to see Prince George attending sporting events with Prince William. Especially an event where there are cameras in their faces, and you get a glimpse of so much of their personalities. George is an excellent athlete like his parents. The family is spending time outside and enjoying this rare downtime together.”

“Things are looking up, and I think that the royal family is grateful and looking forward to the future,” Schofield stated.

When might Middleton return

There was some thought that Middleton might reappear at Trooping the Colour, a celebration of the King’s birthday.

But that’s unlikely as the Royals are likely to try and stay out of the public eye this summer since the British will hold Parliamentary elections this summer.

“I was leaning towards an appearance at Trooping the Colour, but too many people in the know have told me that an autumn return is more likely, since the royals typically break for a significant amount of time after Trooping,” Schofield explained.

“Plus, royal engagements take a backseat during a general election, so it would be odd to parade Catherine around, create such a stir and then everyone go back into . . . lockdown,” Schofield remarked.

The fall looks like the best bet for Princess Kate to resume a Royal schedule.