The Biden administration is trying to bury pushback to one crazy proposal

    Joe Biden has run the country as a wild-eyed leftist.

    His entire pitch as a moderate candidate was a farce.

    Now the Biden administration is trying to bury pushback to one crazy proposal.

    Democrats are relentlessly pushing the radical transgender movement on the country.

    It has now become a mainstream position within the Democrat Party that men can become women and vice versa.

    Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson famously replied, “I’m not a biologist” when she was asked whether or not she could define the word “woman.”

    The radical leftist theory idea that people can arbitrarily choose their gender is quickly getting codified into the law by the Democrats.

    The Biden administration is modifying Title IX to account for gender identity, and supposedly 160,000 public comments on the change magically disappeared.

    The Department of Education called the mass deletion a “clerical error,” but it certainly looks as though the Democrats want to stifle dissent.

    Townhall reported that “last weekend marked the end of public comment for the Biden administration’s updated Title IX proposal that would allow sex discrimination to include ‘gender identity.’ However, thousands of comments on the rule were reportedly wiped out this week, which the Department of Education called a ‘clerical error’ . . . Title IX is a federal civil rights law that prohibits any type of sex-based discrimination in any school or education program the recieves federal funding. The Biden administration’s updated rule would encompass ‘gender identity’ as part of ‘sex-based discrimination.’ ‘Gender identity’ is when an individual identifies with a gender that does not align with their biological sex . . . [T]he published rule had garnered around 350,000 public comments…National Catholic Register reported that the over 160,000 public comments vanished . . .”

    According to the DoE, the supposed clerical error boosted the number of comments from 160,000 to 350,000, but the Biden administration is utterly untrustworthy on this topic.

    Senator Marsha Blackburn, the person who asked Justice Jackson about the word “woman” during her confirmation hearing, wrote a letter explaining, “To be clear, sex is biological . . . The proposed rule’s attempt to expand the definition of sex, while simultaneously neglecting to clearly define what the Department means by such an expansive definition, demonstrates that it is more focused on pushing an ideology rather than protecting individuals from discrimination.”

    Blackburn is 100% correct.

    The radical gender identity push is purely about ideology.

    The theory is wildly unpopular, which is why it must be enforced top-down and dissent must be quashed.

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