The announcement Trey Gowdy made on his new show left viewers in shock

Trey Gowdy’s new show on Fox News recently debuted to praise from many of his longtime supporters.

Gowdy’s no-nonsense personality and straight-shooter talk won him fans during his time in Congress.

But the announcement Trey Gowdy made on his new show left viewers in shock.

Former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy kicked off a new chapter in his life with his Fox News show Sunday Night in America.

Gowdy has promised fans a new and fresh show, one that is free from junk aired on networks like MSNBC and CNN.

The former Congressman is hoping to attract lots of different guests by holding longer form interviews, unlike many shows on TV today.

In an interview with The Hill, Gowdy stated, “I’ve never been a fan of artificial time limits in Congress where you hear, ‘The gentleman’s five minutes are up.’ Five minutes is not enough time to unlock the mysteries of the world.”

He does, however, know that getting guests from the “other side” could be difficult.

“I’m something at the mercy of who is willing to come on the show. It’s a tough time in politics. There is very little upside for Republicans to go on CNN and MSNBC, and it’s the same for Democrats going on other shows,” Gowdy said.

He has a point. Given the historic divide in the two parties right now, it’s unlikely many from the Left will want to be beat upon by a former Congressman.

At the end of the interview, Gowdy answered the question that has been on a lot of people’s minds lately.

Will he ever run for office again?

“You will never see me on a ballot again.  I wasn’t good at it, and I didn’t enjoy it,” Gowdy stated.

Gowdy’s show is part of a new effort by Fox News to offer a fresh lineup.

Fox News saw themselves plummet to the bottom this past January when many viewers started switching over to other media outlets like Newsmax and One America News.

So far, Fox’s moves, such as adding Gowdy to the team, appear to be working.

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