The ACLU backed teachers’ union enraged parents by ignoring this new law

Even deep blue states are starting to finally end the COVID mask charade and end the mandates for children.

While politicians are realizing their jobs are on the line this November, Teacher Union bosses and school boards are poking the bear.

That’s why parents in this state are furious at the ACLU backed teachers’ union for ignoring this new law.

The last few weeks has seen a real sea change in the “science” surrounding COVID mandates.

Deep blue states and cities all over the nation are ending everything from lockdowns to mask mandates, and even vaccine mandates.

But not because the science has changed – what’s changed is that politicians are reading the polls.

And they realize they are all in danger of losing the one thing they cherish most: their jobs.

But some Fauci fanatics and power-hungry petty tyrants either haven’t gotten the message, or just don’t care.

Teacher union bosses don’t care because they aren’t beholden to the voters, the parents, the students, or the public.

And the School Board officials are convinced their union boss pals will bail them out.

And nowhere is this clearer than in Virginia.

Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin signed an Executive Order making masks voluntary in all schools.

The response was a lawsuit by seven of Virginia’s largest (and most liberal) school systems, and outright refusal to comply by them and many more.

So, the legislature passed a law.

Technically, Virginia schools have until March 1 to comply with the new “mask optional” law, but parents are already frustrated by and are demanding swifter action.

“You don’t make the choice of when my freedom starts. My God, given freedom starts now. So he will not be at school with a mask on. And if he gets kicked out any day, they could kick him out every day for all I care,” Naisha T. Chinnery recently told Fox News.

She was referring to her 5th-grade son who was kicked off his Arlington County school basketball team for not masking.

Fairfax County, also in Northern Virginia, has gone one step further.

While some of the seven school districts have reluctantly stated they will obey the new law (how nice of them), Fairfax County Public School spokeswoman Julie Moult responded by saying; “We are aware of the passage of SB739 and we are reviewing what this means for FCPS, as local health metrics continue to improve.”

Well, Julie, what it means is, you have to obey the law.

But don’t think it’s just liberal Northern Virginia that it’s having problems.

In Deep Red Southwest Virginia, the Chairwoman of the Montgomery County School Board stormed out of a public meeting when the speaker called her out for her hypocrisy of not wearing a mask in public while still demanding kids wear masks in schools.

And students at one high school in the same county were greeted with pro-mask bulletin boards urging them to wear masks so they don’t harm other people.

And in very conservative Louisa County, schools are still enforcing masks at extracurricular activities, something being done around the state.

A number of Virginia school districts who are still fighting the governor on forced masking have suspended children for not wearing masks.

This issue has brought to light the clear difference between the radical left and normal Americans.

Now, we will see if the American people will remember this November.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for more updates to this ongoing story.

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