Ted Cruz said two words that Ilhan Omar never thought she would hear

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Ted Cruz and Ilhan Omar come from opposite ends of the political spectrum.

But they found one area of common ground.

And Ted Cruz said two words that Ilhan Omar never thought she would hear.

Senator Cruz and Congresswoman Omar found an area of agreement over the federal government’s negligence in responding to the train derailment and subsequent toxic chemical cloud over East Palestine, Ohio.

Omar noted exposure to the toxic chemicals the train carried would affect life in the area for decades and called on Transportation Secretary Peter Buttigieg to stop ignoring the unfolding crisis.

“East Palestine railroad derailment will have a significant negative impact on the health and wellbeing of the residents for decades and there is almost zero national media attention. We need Congressional inquiry and direct action from @PeteButtigieg to address this tragedy,” Omar posted on Twitter.

Senator Cruz responded “fully agree.”

Cruz and Omar’s comments came after former Ohio Fire Chief Silverio Caggiano compared the decision to try and burn the chemicals spilled after the train derailment which created a toxic chemical cloud to the aftereffects of nuclear strike.

“I was watching a video a couple of days after they detonated all of the tanker cars and there was this plume [of smoke] that went up… and it stratified out at about 3,000 feet and then this guy in Darlington, Pennsylvania, I believe, started showing pictures of this black stuff precipitating out of this dark cloud over his house,” Caggiano said during an interview on Fox & Friends.

“It reminds you of that nuclear winter stuff that you see when you watch these nuclear explosions . . . this really looks like a nuclear winter. We nuked this town with chemicals, and this is what they’re getting,” Caggiano added.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine warned residents within a two mile radius of the cloud to evacuate the area as the chemicals in the air could cause death.

The chemicals also seeped into the East Palestine river, which provides drinking water for around 30 million Americans – roughly ten percent of the nation’s population.

For more than ten days, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg ignored this problem.

And both very conservative Republicans and socialist Democrats were appalled by his inaction.

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