Ted Cruz ripped Joe Biden for this outrageous act of appeasement toward terrorists

The Biden administration has made too many blunders to count.

Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan particularly stands out.

And Ted Cruz ripped Biden for this outrageous act of appeasement toward terrorists.

The Biden administration recently delisted a far-left paramilitary group from the terror watchlist, and Senator Ted Cruz took him to task for it.

During a hearing, Cruz said:

“This morning, the Biden administration removed the FARC, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, from the list of foreign terrorist organizations…The FARC is an organization of Marxist-Leninist narco terrorists. For decades, they have killed, they’ve kidnapped, they’ve extorted Colombians. They have murdered and seized American citizens. They continue to pose an acute threat to Colombian security and to American interest across the region. This is sadly a part of a pattern of Biden foreign policy when it comes to dealing with terrorists.”

While Colombian terrorists are being delisted, American citizens are being targeted by the Biden administration.

January 6 gave the establishment a pretext to turn the War on Terror inward on American citizens.

Old ladies who wandered into the Capitol and took pictures are being pursued for prosecution by the DOJ, but Antifa terrorists who burned down cities and looted private businesses are allowed to operate with impunity.

Attorney General Merrick Garland also authorized the FBI to monitor school board meetings to investigate and intimidate parents who have the gumption to challenge the cultist administrators who are indoctrinating their kids and forcing them to wear masks all day.

The priority of the Biden administration seems clear: target anyone who is a threat to the establishment.

Narco terrorists are being delisted while helicopters monitor school board meetings.

For the first time in decades, right-wingers are pushing back in the culture war, and the Left only knows how to respond with censorship and burdensome investigations.

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