Ted Cruz found something at the southern border that had Democrats running for the hills

The crisis at our southern border is out of control.

Joe Biden and his Democrat cronies don’t seem to care to lift a single finger.

But then Ted Cruz found something at the southern border that had Democrats running for the hills.

Recently, Republican U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (TX) and Representative Chip Roy (TX) took a two-day tour of the United States’ southern border.

What they found is opening eyes to the reality of the horrors Americans are facing from the southern border crisis.

“The consensus across the board is what is indisputable – there is a crisis at our Southern Border,” Ted Cruz shared about his two-day tour of the border.

“I’ve been coming down to the border for nine years . . . I have never seen a crisis remotely as bad as it is right now.”

Ted Cruz is no stranger to calling out the Democrats’ poppycock, especially not when it comes to serious issues that directly affect the communities in the Lone Star state where his family lives.

Cruz added that the border crisis is a “manmade” crisis directly attributable to the garbage decisions made by the Biden administration, including stopping building the border wall, ending Trump’s successful “Remain in Mexico” policy, as well as reinstating the Obama-era practice of “Catch and Release” of illegal aliens.

Chip Roy laid into the Biden administration as well saying they care “more about politics and playing games than people.”

“What we heard most from the ranchers . . . Is what they can try to do to try to help those who are coming across and dying on their ranches,” Roy said. “These are good American people trying to do what is right.”

“Where [is the Biden administration] when we are talking to ranchers that are getting overrun? Where are they when we are talking to people getting put into human trafficking, sex trafficking?” Roy continued.

To cap it all off, Cruz shared that while he and Roy were on the tour, they experienced no less than 33 migrants trying to cross the Rio Grande River. Cruz noted that they even taunted Border Patrol while they were at it.

The horror stories of what goes on at the southern border are seemingly endless and keep coming more and more with no signs of stopping.

Cruz and Roy are spot on in pointing out that the Biden administration simply doesn’t care to do anything about it at all.

It took six months for Kamala Harris to visit the southern border.

And even though Joe Biden back in March said he “plans on visiting” the southern border, he has yet to do so or indicate he will be soon.

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