Teachers unions did something during COVID that caused irreversible damage to America’s youth

The COVID pandemic caused untold amounts of suffering around the world.

Much of that strife was caused by political actors who imposed bad policy such as lockdowns.

And the teachers unions did something during COVID that caused irreversible damage to America’s youth.

One of the underreported stories of the COVID crisis is the educational losses that kids suffered as a result of shutting down schools.

Children in middle and low-income countries were hit particularly hard.

Timcast News reported that “the global response to the pandemic between February 2020 and February 2022 resulted in education systems that were entirely closed for in-person learning for about 141 days. In parts of Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean, children lost up to 273 full days of school…The only segments of the population who aren’t seeing declines in educational performance are ‘richer’ households, which offer wider reliable internet connectivity, access to devices, a place to study, availability of books and learning materials, and a conducive home environment.”

Thanks to the teachers unions, a similar phenomenon happened in the United States.

The unions refused to go back to work until a laundry list of demands were met with zero regard for the students.

A report from the State of Global Learning Poverty revealed that “evidence is accumulating that the capacity of these remote learning efforts to substitute for in-person learning is very low. As a result, in many countries the school closures led to large learning losses…This is true even in countries with high internet penetration and higher levels of digital skills among the teaching force.”

In other words, distance learning was a disaster, and the learning loss in critical developmental years is devastating.

Jaime Saavedra, Global Director for Education at the World Bank, explained, “COVID-19 has devastated learning around the world, dramatically increasing the number of children living in Learning Poverty…With 7 in 10 of today’s 10-year-olds in low- and middle-income countries now unable to read a simple text, political leaders and society must swiftly move to recover this generation’s future by ensuring learning recovery strategies and investments.”

The COVID regime has done irreparable damage to children in terms of education as well as mental health.

The full extent of the draconian lockdowns will not be known for many years down the road.

And thus far, none of the so-called experts and teachers unions have been held accountable for what they did.

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