Taxpayers are footing the bill for one federal prisoner to do this insane thing

The Left has completely lost it.

Radicals have dragged the country to an absurd place.

Now taxpayers are footing the bill for one federal prisoner to do this insane thing.

Fringe left-wing ideas have dangerously seeped into the mainstream.

It has become canon on the Left to think that men can become pregnant.

That’s how America has come to the point where biological male criminals are being allowed to serve time in women’s prisons if they declare themselves to be women.

Now for the first time, the Federal Bureau of Prisons is being forced to pay for one prisoner’s “gender-affirming” surgeries.

NBC News reported that “a federal judge in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois ordered the bureau on Monday to undergo a nationwide search for a qualified surgeon to perform the surgery for the inmate, Cristina Nichole Iglesias. The directive will bring Iglesias — who has been imprisoned since 1994 for threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction — a step closer to receiving the procedure, which she has been fighting to get for six years, the last three in the courts.”

So taxpayers will have to pay for the “transition” of a convicted criminal who threatened to use a weapon of mass destruction.

This is how insane the Left have become.

Joshua Blecher-Cohen, an ACLU attorney working on behalf of Iglesias, said, “For years, Cristina has fought to receive the healthcare the Constitution requires. The court’s order makes clear that she needs gender-affirming surgery now and that BOP cannot justify its failure to provide this medically necessary care . . . We hope this landmark decision will help secure long overdue healthcare for Cristina – and for the many other transgender people in federal custody who have been denied gender-affirming care.”

This is based on radical gender theories that were cooked up on college campuses decades ago.

The Left now have enough cultural power to cram through such notions.

And Americans can thank Barack Obama for that.

NBC News added that “the Biden administration restored Obama-era guidelines for federal prisons to house transgender inmates by their gender identity ‘when appropriate.’ The guidelines also require prison staff to refer to trans inmates by their lived name and pronouns.”

America did not vote for this, and there is no medical consensus.

A handful of radicals in power just did it.

This is why people on the Right need to fight back in the culture war.

Voting at the ballot box isn’t enough.

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