Swiss Army Knife announced one major change that will leave you speechless

Photo by COPPERTIST WU from Pexels

The Swiss Army Knife multitool has been an everyday carry staple for decades. 

But the company is making an awful redesign that will leave millions outraged. 

And Swiss Army Knife announced one major change that will leave you speechless.

Swiss Army Knife is being neutered

The classic Swiss Army Knife is losing its most popular and well-known feature in a new model being released by Victorinox, the Swiss company behind the brand.

In a once unthinkable move, a new model of the Swiss Army Knife will no longer have a knife.

Victorinox CEO Carl Elsener told Swiss media outlet Blick that the change is coming because of regulations against knives. 

“We’re concerned about the increasing regulation of knives due to the violence in the world,” Elsener said.

This bombshell is on par with Pizza Hut announcing that it wouldn’t sell pizza in certain countries.

But the Swiss CEO did his best to try and put a brave face on the absurd decision.

“We’re actually working on pocket tools without blades,” Elsener explained. “For example, I have a cool tool for cyclists in mind.”

“We already have a tool specifically for golfers in our range,” Elsener continued. “Cyclists probably need special tools, but not necessarily a blade. The blade creates a weapon image in some markets.”

The classic version of the Swiss Army Knife isn’t being phased out.

Knifeless models will be available so that the country can remain compliant with knife control laws.

Elsener told Blick that after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Victorinox realized they needed to diversify their business.

“9/11 painfully showed us that we must not become dependent on a single business area,” Elsener said.

Swiss Army Knife sales plunged by nearly 30% after the attacks as restrictions on traveling with them increased.

Victorinox now sells wallets, watches, luggage, backpacks, and cutlery.

They currently sell one multitool without a knife called the Jetsetter, which is compliant with carry-on regulations for air travel.

It has scissors, a toothpick, a bottle opener, a magnetic Phillips screwdriver, tweezers, and a wire stripper.

Knife control is on the rise around the world

Elsener noted that certain countries around the world have begun putting restrictions on knives.

“In England or certain Asian countries, you are sometimes only allowed to carry a knife if you need to have it to do your job or operate outdoors,” Elsener explained. “In the city, however, when you go to school, to the cinema, or to go shopping, carrying pocket knives is severely restricted.”

The United Kingdom has become ground zero for the knife control movement.

Folding knives with blades longer than three inches are illegal to carry.

The country heavily restricted the use of firearms for private ownership so criminals began turning to knives.

Kitchen knives have become a favorite of criminals in the country.

To crack down on the knife crime epidemic, the United Kingdom keeps enacting more knife control laws.

Banning weapons is another spectacular failure by clueless left-wing politicians.