Steve Bannon learned this shocking truth about the new Speaker of the House

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House Republicans finally settled on a new Speaker of the House.

It wasn’t the first, second, or third choice.

And Steve Bannon learned this shocking truth about the new Speaker of the House.

After Steve Scalise, Jim Jordan, and Tom Emmer failed to secure the 217 votes to become Speaker, Republicans unanimously selected Louisiana Republican Mike Johnson as Speaker of the House.

Johnson’s elevation vindicated Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz’s move introducing a motion to vacate the chair and oust Kevin McCarthy as Speaker following McCarthy’s surrender to Joe Biden on the debt ceiling.

In an appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, Gaetz explained why Johnson was a massive upgrade at the position over McCarthy.

Johnson – Gaetz argued – will have credibility with all corners of the GOP.

“He is sharp. He will be as respected in the homes of our most meaningful, righteous and patriotic donors as he will at the rallies with our most enthusiastic and meaningful activists,” Gaetz stated.

Johnson is more conservative than McCarthy or other Speakers as evidenced by his votes against aid for Ukraine and his support for pro-Life legislation without exception.

Gaetz told Bannon that the GOP electing “MAGA Mike Johnson” as Speaker of the House meant the Swamp was on the run and that the true power in the House rested with the anti-establishment grassroots conservatives that made up the MAGA movement.

“The swamp is on the run, MAGA is ascendant and if you don’t think that moving from Kevin McCarthy to MAGA Mike Johnson shows the ascendance of this movement, and where the power of the Republican Party truly lies, then you’re not paying attention,” Gaetz added.

“They are crying, they are hand-wringing, they are bed-wetting over on K Street because we have an honorable, righteous man who is about to take this position,” Gaetz concluded. “He’s going to do great things for the country.”

Many in the media, Democrat Party, and GOP establishment bemoaned the fact that the House of Representatives “shut down” for 22 days because there was no Speaker.

Congress regularly takes weeks-long recesses and no one seemed to mind the fact that the House and Senate couldn’t pass bills plunging America deeper into debt to fund Joe Biden’s agenda.

Gaetz believes the fight was worth it because conservatives succeeded in moving GOP leadership to the right.

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